March 10, 2023

Friday Night Photos #107

Some weeks, I have more pictures than I know what to do with; others, I don't have many at all. This is one of the latter weeks. I already posted a lot of photos I took (like my thrift store finds) but here is what I have on my camera roll this week...

I woke up to our inevitable March snow storm...

Yes, that is Joey on the dike. He gets super hyper when it snows and he loves to race around the yard.

Yesterday, I decided to work on a couple of projects for the "cat wall" in my bedroom. I have so many things I want to do for it, but I've just been choosing one thing at a time; the cats really like it, because they get something new and exciting to check out whenever I finish a piece. It was too cold to work in the garage (I cut some boards, but after that, I brought all my stuff inside!). This is before it got messy.

I had already hung one of the sphere beds (the black one), but every time I looked at this one, I wanted to do the same with it. I really wish it was white or black, or even gray, but I used it anyway. I mounted it onto a board that I painted black and then hung it next to the other one, underneath the top shelf on the wall.

The other thing I made is this little bridge--some flat boards woven with rope--that the cats will totally be into scratching once I hang it up. Right now, the skin on my hands is raw--it took a LONG time to weave and not without a lot of tugging. It's definitely not easy on the hands. 

I used hot glue on every single piece. I am going to hang it between two shelves on the wall. I hoped to hang it today, but this took me a lot longer than I expected.

The cats never slept in this bed, and then I moved it into my bedroom and suddenly, it was like a new toy and they all wanted it. After hanging it on the wall, Duck is actually the one that uses it the most. 

It hangs directly above my head when I'm lying in bed. Last night, I had all the star LED lights on and when I stared straight upward, I could see Duck's leg sticking out through the side of the bed. It just looked funny--the random black spot that probably doesn't even look like a cat paw, but I knew what it was immediately.

Speaking of the LED stars, I am loving how they look against the black ceiling and walls. Maybe it makes us seem like stoners, but we love the whole ambiance with the lights. I had no intention of the ceiling light looking like a moon, but it kind of does! 

When I was looking through my pictures, I stopped on this one and wondered why I took it. It's nothing special. And THEN I saw it and I remembered...

Hahaha! I remember learning that black dogs are the least adopted because they are the least photogenic--they have to be against a light background to be able to see them clearly. And my bedroom conceals Joey and the kittens so well that I sometimes don't even see the cats when their eyes are closed.

This picture below is another example. You can't really see Duck at first, but he's there--sleeping on my chest.

I didn't realize I took so many pictures of the pets this week. I don't normally like to turn on YouTube for the cats (i.e. Duck) because it makes me feel bad that they can't "catch" the birds that they stalk. But I was desperate one morning because I was trying to get things done and Duck wanted attention (per usual). 

I had some time to kill before Goodwill opened the other day, and I went next door into Tractor Supply Co. My heart melted when I saw these little ducklings. 

I just now said to Jerry, "I can't tell if these are chicks or ducks--they look like ducks." (I know they sell chicks at Tractor Supply, but I thought the ducks were a little odd.) Jerry was confused and said something that made ME confused. And then he said he thought I was asking if "these" (he didn't see the picture I was looking at) belonged to Chick or Duck. Hahaha! ("I can't tell if these are Chick's or Duck's--they look like Duck's."

Then he had to go and make a dad joke about "Quactor Supply Co". *groan*

Finally, this was my mess when I made spice blends. I make our favorite spice blends in bulk to keep in the pantry and we were running low. I actually find it kind of fun to make the blends.

When I was done, I had vegan bouillon powder; "cheesy garlic blend", which is what I like to use in place of parmesan cheese; pancake mix; Indian spiced potato seasoning, and a mock-Red Robin fries seasoning blend. (Jerry likes to spray a touch of oil on pretzels and then sprinkle with the Red Robin seasoning and toss them all together. It dusts a light coat of seasoning on all of them and they are SO good! Jerry loves seasoned pretzels, and making them this way is about a quarter of the cost of buying a bag.)

And I'm out. Have a great weekend! xo


  1. I'm glad Joey loves snow. We hate it, and we got plenty of it the other night, It had totally melted, and now everything's white and wintery again. I was hoping for an early spring this time. When people say snow is pretty, we think they're nuts.

  2. I hope you will share some of your spice recipes. I am still not knowledgeable in spices & how to use them to enhance food. We've had our share of snow in Western Wisconsin. So looking forward to spring.


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