March 11, 2023

On This Day (March 11)

Today was a busy day--we took Luke and Riley out for Luke's birthday. As has become tradition, we went to Barnes & Noble so they could pick out a "book" and then lunch/dinner somewhere. When I started this tradition, I literally meant a book; well, the joke was on me when they saw the toys section! Since toy stores are pretty much non-existent these days, Barnes & Noble it is--and they have fun toys there.

Noah and Eli came with us, which made me happy. It's so hard to get everybody on the same page with schedules! Jerry had to work today, but we made an afternoon of it. I am not up for writing tonight, so I'm going to just share some pictures from March 11 over the years. There are some good memories here!

This was in 2006 at Chuck E. Cheese. The band characters have always been the creepiest things ever.

This was when I was losing weight in 2010. Wearing a dress was kind of a "bucket list" goal, and I remember feeling SO good about myself at the time. I *think* I had lost about 75 pounds at this point.

Jessica and I enjoying our celebratory beer after running the Corktown 5K in Detroit in 2012. I obviously made our sparkle skirts for the St. Patrick's Day festivities!

In 2014, a love note from Jerry, attached to my tea.

In 2016, I went for a run (I think it was 10 miles, if I remember correctly) and I asked Noah to come with me on his bike. He carried a backpack with water in it for me. I love this picture!

Also in 2016... this was Jessica's birthday party at a Mexican restaurant. She, Renee, and I were pretty close then! I miss those times. We met at a Mom's Club--I have two boys, Renee has three, and Jessica has FOUR.

Jerry went to visit our friend Mike in NYC (also 2016) and I told him he should try the November Project workout while he was there--I had done one with Runner's World a couple of years prior and I knew that Ali Feller ("Ali on the Run") really liked those workouts (she was at the Runner's World event with me). I told Jerry to look for her at the workout, not even thinking for a second he'd actually see her--but he sent me this selfie at 7:00 in the morning :)

Sweet Luke--just a few days after he was born in 2017 <3

In 2018, Jerry and I went for a run and we randomly saw this dog standing on a fire hydrant. Haha! The owner was a dog obedience trainer and explained to us what was going on. (Basically showing that you can teach your dog to do anything with obedience training.)

A selfie from our run that morning.

This was from 2020--the toilet paper shelves at Kroger! Remember that mess?


  1. OMG, that picture of baby Luke with his wrinkled tiny hand.. 😍 it's so precious!

  2. We are both so fortunate to have caring, understanding men in our lives. Big hugs.


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