March 22, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 95

Nothing reminds me to clean the mirrors quite like Wednesday Weigh-In!

Once again, I had another good week--I feel like it's safe to say I am back in control and I feel much better now that I'm not worried about that. It was still a tough week emotionally, with Becky and the kids moving to Minnesota, but I was aware of how my emotions affect my eating habits and I tried not to eat (or not to eat) for emotional reasons.

I actually had a pretty good appointment with my psychiatrist today. Since the psychiatrist that I started seeing in 2017 retired in December, I was really disappointed--I liked him so much and I am super grateful for all he did for me. When I started seeing a new one in January, I wasn't crazy about him. Before today's appointment, I was even thinking I may look for a new one. He gave me some good insight today, though--I'll write about that more on another post.

When I feel stressed out or anxious, I tend to eat a lot more; but when I feel extremely overwhelmed, I lose my appetite completely. There were several days this week where I just didn't want to eat, despite being physically hungry, but I stuck with my routine of breakfast, lunch, a semi-late dinner, and a small snack later.

I say "semi-late" dinner because I used to eat at 4:00, but then I would snack all evening. I found that when I eat dinner closer to 7:30 or so, it's much easier to keep from snacking. Lately, I've been into having an ounce of peanut butter a few hours after dinner--it's not sweetened, but it tastes rich and satisfying.

Someone mentioned last week that maybe Jerry and I should start counting calories again because that has always worked for me. It's true--counting calories definitely works. Since becoming vegan, though, I have been making a ton of new recipes; and because they aren't already in my calorie counting app (Cronometer), I've just been lazy about entering them. Also, I really like not having to measure out portions.

So, as long as this continues to work for me, I'd like to do this without calorie counting. If I need to go back to measuring things, though, I can do that. It's been a year since I quit counting calories and it certainly hasn't been perfect--but then, it never was when I was counting, either. 

My stomach has not been feeling good this week and I'm sure it's because of my iron supplement. My ferritin level (stored iron) has been very low for probably 20 years and I never knew it until last fall when I requested the ferritin test. Since then, I've tried probably five different iron supplements and they all bother my stomach. Because of that, I wasn't taking it regularly.

I really want to get my levels up, though, so this week I started taking it at night with my dinner; that way, the majority of the nausea happens when I'm sleeping. I'm hoping that if I continue to take it regularly, the stomach issues will go away eventually. It's interesting that I'm so sensitive to iron because I have always had a stomach like a rock. I'm not sure how long it will take to get used to, but please let it be soon! ;)

Anyway, my weigh-in... 

I was at 141.8 today, which I am very happy with! Last week, I was at 143.2, so I am down 1.4 pounds--and very close to being back in the 130s. The top of my "happy range" is 135, and if I continue doing what I'm doing, it's definitely possible for me to get there in a month or two. Barring 2023 throwing any more things to overwhelm or stress me out, of course ;)


  1. I'm so glad you're connecting better with your new psychiatrist. Things really changed for me, a decade ago now, when I found a p-doc I trusted. I haven't heard you mention anything about the med change you had to do a while back because of (stupid) insurance issues. I wonder if you were able to go back on the med that had worked for you before. And I always wonder how moods and meds go together. Hurrah for a good weight week.

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  3. I try not to offer unsolicited advice...but here we go. Have you tried liquid iron supplements like Floradix?

    1. I don't mind unsolicited advice! (Well, in most circumstances, haha). I haven't tried liquid, but I am open-minded to trying anything at this point. I buy vegan B-12 supplements from a brand called Mary Ruth's and I think there is a liquid iron one--I'm going to check Amazon now. Fingers crossed!


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