March 06, 2023

Thrift Finds!

Yesterday, I mentioned that today was Jerry's weigh-in for the week; I was so sure that today was Tuesday! Instead, I decided to take photos of my recent thrift store finds (I really needed some shirts). Rather than post each photo individually (there are a LOT--oops!) I grouped them into threes.

Normally, I like to post the prices with them, but I cut off the tags when I got home and threw everything in the washer before I thought to write it down. But let me say, thrift stores aren't nearly as cheap as they used to be! I used to get clothes for $1-4 per item in general; now, they are everywhere from $3-$25 per item. They have half-off certain tag colors every day, so I try to find items that are half off. Still, thrift shopping isn't as fun when it's expensive!

I clearly like cozy sweatshirts! (The jeans were already mine.)

Later, I'll write about the shirt on the far left. I love the jacket in the middle. And I was in desperate need of short-sleeved running shirts!

I liked the puff sleeves on the first shirt. The second shirt was really big (a size XL) but it's very sheer and I thought it might work as a top over a tank top. In the third picture, those are some linen pants--SO COMFY--and they still had the original tags on them.

Before I get to the rest, the bit about the long-sleeved burgundy shirt. I really liked it when I saw it on the rack, and it seemed like a nice running shirt (or just undershirt for when I'm freezing). Then I saw the Lululemon symbol on the back--awesome! I love getting normally-expensive clothes for cheap (well, as cheap as thrift stores are now). I think it was $4.50 (half off of $9). When I was showing Jerry what I got, he pointed out that there is the Lululemon symbol hidden on the front, too:

The picture makes it look very obvious, but it's hard to notice otherwise. I think it's this shirt from Lululemon's site--$78!

Here are some more finds...

I love the Victoria's Secret running jacket on the left! On the right, those are warm pants to wear as a second layer when running outside. I had a pair just like it, but I think I accidentally donated them in the summer. I was so bummed!

The green top is my favorite! It's totally not a color I would normally pick, but I think it looks good for spring.

I've always wanted a pair of black jeans, so I bought those today (first photo). Although, now that I look at them in the photos, I'm not sure I like them. They need distressing, I think.

Well, that's enough thrift shopping for a long time! I made sure to buy things that I don't want/have to alter in any way (well, I do need to hem the black jeans, but that's a simple fix). I think my very favorite item is actually the mauve-colored hoodie (first photo, far right). It's funny how I pose nearly identically for every picture, hahaha. 

I found a few things for Jerry and the kids, and a few books for Luke and Riley as well. It was a big haul today! I missed thrift shopping during COVID--it was fun to find some shirts!


  1. Great finds! I'm forever in awe of people who can thrift shop. I walk in and immediately feel overwhelmed by what seems chaotic to me. If I take my sister, she can find a ton of things for both of us. But if I try to go alone, I walk in, turn around, and walk right back out.

  2. I think my favorite piece is the very last picture, the duster sweater! I don't have the patience for thrift store shopping, to thumb through racks. I wish I did. I need a tidy display saying "buy this", lol!


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