March 30, 2023

Photo Week, Day 3 of 7: Pacific Northwest

Jerry and I are going on vacation for a week (well, I say "vacation", but we're really just taking care of my sister's dogs at her house in Rockford, Illinois. This will be the longest we've been away since 2014 when we took a family vacation to Punta Cana!

To truly take a break from reality, I'm going to do something a little different this week. I've had a daily post streak going since January 1, 2020, and I really don't want to break that! So, I thought it might be fun to do a travel theme for each day and share some pictures from different trips I've been on. Each day will have a theme based on the location of the trip.

I'm preparing these posts ahead of time so I won't have to even open my computer while I'm gone. (I can still approve comments from my phone, though.) And hopefully when I get home, I'll have some good stuff to share :) 

These pictures are from several different trips to Portland and Seattle and I have about 10 billion of them on my computer, but it would take me all day to pick and choose. So here is a (somewhat random) selection, in no particular order...

Reader meet-up!

Timbers game

The token PDX carpet photo

Another reader meet-up!

My friend Allison who lived next door to me in high school--she lives in Seattle now.

This was a wall of CHEWING GUM. Seriously!

How amazing is this picture? I took it from the airplane!

Quite possibly my favorite picture of me ever.

This antelope squirrel stole my heart <3

Dan, Laurel, me, and Jerry (Laurel was a blog reader and we are still friends)

Tasting "squeaky cheese" at Public Market in Seattle

Another meet-up with Allison

Jerry and Dan

Trying Salt & Straw (unfortunately, I thought it was overrated)

"You have died of dysentery"

I never drink Slurpees but this one was the BEST EVER

Ape Cave - one of the scariest places on earth!

Without a headlamp or flashlight, it's pitch black--you can't even see your hand in front of your face

After my big 10K

Laurel took me on a cupcake tour of Seattle and we ended with these lava cakes

I slipped on this rock and ALMOST slid right into the water!

Wild cows--I never even knew they existed!

I have a full page of travel adventures--way too many to list this week--and they can be found here.

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  1. Loving these posts. Hope you're finding joy in Illinois! (see what I did there - hahaha)


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