October 27, 2021

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 22

Holy cow, 22 weeks already?!

If you ever wonder why I pose so awkwardly in my mirror selfies, it's this: I am trying to maneuver my arm to hide the toilet paper holder on the wall behind me, hahaha. I just don't want toilet paper (or the toilet) in my photos, so I use my upper arm to hide it.

Anyway, this picture was before my first run this week. I actually wore running tights and long sleeves because it was pretty cold! 

This past week has been ridiculous. I was really excited last week when I thought I could see the 150's today (spoiler: I didn't). However, I wasn't at all surprised to see that the scale barely budged. There were two days where I didn't give a single thought about calories and I ate comfort food like I needed, well, comfort.

I was so frustrated with the exterior door I'd taken apart (in order to "fix" it) and everything was going wrong. I would spend hours working on it each day only to find out that something else was wrong. (I *should* have just done the whole new door jamb from scratch--but instead, I thought it would save time and headache if I bought a jamb kit. I was completely wrong!)

After each day that I wasn't able to fix it (I think it was four days in a row?), I had to rehang the old door jamb and try again the next day. But it left me feeling totally defeated. At first I was mad and wanted to throw the whole thing in the fire pit (before I was medicated, I probably would have! Hahaha); after that, I just felt exhausted.

Sometimes, my chronic insomnia comes in handy; it was thanks to not being able to sleep that I *finally* fixed the damn door! I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, and started going over the door jamb stuff in my head. I was thinking about the measurements and the pieces and how to alter them to work, etc, and it finally hit me what I could do. (I'll spare you the boring details.)

The next morning (yesterday) I went out to the garage and tried out my idea--and it worked! I was able to hang the new jamb, spray some insulation, install the strike plates, and FINALLY--hang the door and have it work well. Better than before! I still have to hang the interior and exterior trim, but I'm just really happy that our door is functional.

I thought for sure I would see a gain on the scale this week after eating a LOT of calories for two days in a row. I was pleasantly surprised, then, when I saw that I actually lost weight (barely anything, but it's better than a gain!).

I was at 160.6 today, which is down just 0.4 from last week's 161.0. I'm down 36.4 pounds since 22 weeks ago.

I joined a four-week DietBet three weeks ago, so having a bad week means I have to be extra diligent this week. I'm so close to the 150's--I was hoping to be there before Halloween, so it could still happen ;)


  1. You are such an inspiration. I can't for the life of me get moving. I have all the gear but keep making up excuses why I can't go to the gym/go running (which I HATE). Any suggestions? I'll stay 200 pounds all my life if I don't start. Oooff...

    1. If your main goal is to lose weight, you can do that without exercise. I lost 60 pounds before I started exercising, because I hated it. After losing that much weight, though, I found myself wanting to try it again--and that's when I really discovered that I like running. Exercise is obviously healthy and ideal, but you can lose weight without it. I just ate less calories. After losing some weight, maybe you'll want to try exercising again and see if you like it :)

  2. Well done on the weight loss Katie. Wish I could get back into that mindset. Congratulations on figuring out that damn door jamb. Some of my best thinking is done while I’m trying to get to sleep!!

  3. Glad you figured the door jam issue. I always feel great when I finally get a task completed. Especially a really annoying one. I started your 6 week MAF running plan. So far I am really enjoying it. I am not dreading running again. You're doing so well with losing weight. It had motivated me to keep trying. I am trying to lose 10% in the next 4 weeks. My first weigh in is Saturday. I have cleaned up my diet so hope to see the kind of loss you have.

  4. Same here, but trying to get back into the 160s and was down .6 this week putting me at 171, grrrr. 160-164 is my goal...so close yet seems like I'll never get there!


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