October 02, 2021

Eli's First Homecoming Dance

Well, if you missed yesterday's post, it's because I forgot to publish it! I had it all written and ready to go, but all I forgot to do was click "Publish". So, if you're interested, you can find yesterday's post here. I hate it when I spend so much time working on a post and then I do something as dumb as forgetting to publish! 

Anyway, I won't write a long post here because it's basically doubled up with yesterday's.

Eli had his first homecoming dance today, and I was so excited for him. Eli actually has his first girlfriend, too--her name is Grace and they've been together for a couple of months. I absolutely adore her! She is SO sweet and really brings Eli out of his shell. Eli is very introverted and quiet, and when he invited Grace over for the first time, I was expecting it to be pretty awkward.

But he totally came to life when she got here! I've not heard him talk that much in a year, haha. And I really love that she seems very into Eli as well.

Jerry has definitely rubbed off on Eli when it comes to doing cutesy little things. Jerry is always doing things like leaving me little notes, drawing/coloring silly cards for no reason at all, writing notes on the bathroom mirror, stuff like that. Eli does a lot of that stuff for Grace--it's so cute!

In fact, I first learned of Grace when Eli ordered some avocado earrings on Amazon. I thought it was so odd, and when I asked him about it, he said that they were kind of an inside joke with him and a girl that he's "talking to" (that's teenager-talk for "dating"). At first, I thought, "Oh no, he's buying this girl earrings already?!"

Then he explained that he was going to wear one of them and she was going to wear the other. He didn't explain the avocado reference, but it's an inside joke between them and they both have been wearing the earrings ever since. In fact, here is a picture of them from today where you can see the earrings:

So cute, right?! Eli has always marched to the beat of his own drum--that is my very favorite thing about him. He doesn't worry or care about what others think or say. He sticks up for kids who are picked on even if people then make fun of HIM as well; he is an old soul, full of compassion for people and animals; he does the unpopular thing if it's the "right" thing to do. He lets his conscience lead his direction in life--always doing what he thinks is right.

Anyway, I think that Grace really "gets" him and she accepts his old soul. She's even a little quirky in the same ways, like with the avocado earrings. They seem to be peas in a pod, and I love seeing Eli so happy.

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from today...

I can't believe how grown up he is. Look how handsome! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this special occasion with us! You've done a great job, Mom!

  2. Wow! Beautiful couple. Your boys are growing up so fast!!

  3. What a handsome young man. You two are doing a great job as parents. Love the avocado inside joke. That's really cool.

  4. Homecoming! Such an important day and such an important dance (I used to love chaperoning the homecoming dances when I was teaching). Eli and Grace make a lovely couple -- their personalities definitely come through in each shot. 🌻

  5. Oh my hes so grown looking :(

  6. Ok stop this is ADORABLE! They look like the sweetest couple! I love the story of the avocado earrings! Gosh I've been reading your blog for so long I remember when your kids were so small! They're so grown up!

  7. Katie! Oh my gosh they are just so cute! Eli is so handsome <3

  8. Love it, can't believe how time flies--of course, we're not getting any older!

  9. We had homecoming this last weekend for multiple local high schools. I loved my FB feed being completely full of all the kids dressed up. This is my last year of that so I am trying to enjoy it to the fullest.


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