October 14, 2021

Still working on it...

I've been working so hard to get the post with the training plan done--my version of MAF and 80/20 combined, which I've now aptly named MAF80--so clever, I know. I thought I'd have it done to post tonight, but it's 9:00 PM and I still haven't eaten dinner and I'm definitely not going to get this done in time. Especially when I'm starving.

So, I just have to post this as a filler and I'll work on the training plan some more so that it's ready to publish this weekend. I can't remember if I ever shared this photo or not on Friday Night Photos, but this is one of the squirrels just relaxing in what looks like the most uncomfortable position ever.

It was funny--Eli told me to "come look at this squirrel!", and we were laughing at how she was lying across the posts like that. I grabbed the camera and was hoping to get a picture before she moved, and unfortunately, she saw me through the window and ran over for a nut. I assumed she'd never lie down like that again--well, she went right back to that position!

Okay, I'm going to make something to eat and work on the training plan post some more later...

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  1. I am so looking forward to this running plan. I think it will help me fall back in love with running again.


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