October 13, 2021

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 20

No, I did not wear this in public yesterday, haha. I went to Eli's soccer game and I was FREEZING so I wore these tights and top underneath my jeans and hoodie. (These are the black cat tights that Jerry bought me in October of last year.) I only took this selfie for today because I thought it was significant that I was actually able to wear them underneath my jeans.

I wasn't able to even fit into the jeans 20 weeks ago, so the fact that I could easily wear them over the tights was a big deal. They were loose even with the tights under them, so I'm going to get rid of them and several more pairs of jeans that are too big.

That is, of course, assuming I start consistently losing weight again! I already spoiled my weigh-in yesterday by saying that I knew I was going to have a gain on the scale today. There was no surprise there. I've had a crazy (quite literally, according to my psych chart, haha) whirlwind of emotions lately. Being hypomanic either makes me not want to eat anything at all or it makes me just think, "Eh, what the heck!" and eat everything.

I haven't been binge eating or anything like that; I just went overboard during the weekend (Friday through Sunday) and I didn't count my calories. I've been getting more lax with the calorie counting lately and now I'm clearly taking two steps forward, then one step back.

Anyway, today I was at 164, which is up 2 pounds from last week. 

I am not at the point where I'd say that I'm "struggling" or even that I'm worried I'm going to quit working on getting to my goal. I'm not feeling that way at all! It was just simply a step back and I'm confident that I'll take those couple of pounds off this week.

I'd really like to see the 150's before the end of the month! So, to get recharged and focused, and I decided to join another 4-week DietBet. I'm still doing the 6-month bet (I'm 4 months in) but I've already reached my goal for that; as long as I don't gain weight back, I've already won that 6-month bet. During my 4-week bet, I was more motivated to continue to lose weight each week because there is no time for making up bad weeks. I had to be very consistent or I would likely lose my bet.

I feel like joining another one would push me to get the scale moving consistently again, so I picked a 4-week bet and joined yesterday. (If you're interested, here is the link to it.) It starts on October 20th--next Wednesday--and ends November 16. I'll have to lose 4% of my starting weight; assuming next week will be a decent weigh-in (I'll guess I'll be about 161), then I would have to lose 6 pounds, bringing me to about 155 pounds mid-November. I'd be happy with that!


  1. All of your hard work is paying off. Flat belly and strong legs. It's hard to get the flat belly after having kids. I wish I felt comfortable doing that woodworking stuff. It just seems like I'd lose some fingers 'cause I'm a klutz. It's amazing that you got the oak table and chairs for only $25.00!

  2. Lol is that a cat tongue near the crotch of your pants?

    1. Yes! Clearly a poorly manufactured design, hahaha. I would have liked the pants more if they didn't have tongues; but there are only a few with tongues and one happens to be in the most inopportune location ;)


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