October 20, 2021

Wednesday Weigh-In : Week 21

I'm so happy that those pants in the above photo fit me! They don't look like anything special, I know. But I've had them for a long time because I love them so much. They're kind of silky feeling and they don't get any wrinkles, no matter how sloppily I fold them. And they don't pill on the inner thigh area! (The pilling and/or wearing out on the inner thigh is what usually causes me to replace comfy pants like yoga pants.)

I bought them at Salvation Army and the tag was cut out of the pants when I bought them--I have no idea what size they are, what the fabric is, etc. I just really liked the fabric and the way they fit, so I bought them.

As I lost weight in 2015, the pants just kept feeling bigger and bigger until they were TOO big. I still wore them with the elastic at the waist folded over on itself so they would stay up, but eventually, they literally fell down because they were so big. I couldn't bear to part with them, though! I got rid of all of my clothes that were too big, but I just couldn't get rid of these pants.

[Okay, curiosity just got the better of me and I searched for them online based on what the waistband looks like--see picture below. And I discovered that they are apparently scrubs! From HeartSoul Scrubs brand. I don't even care that they're scrubs; I now want them in every color! Hahaha. I just found them on Amazon--here is the (affiliate) link to them. I'm sure I only paid a couple of dollars for these and they've lasted a long time. I wore them a lot when they fit me.]

When I gained weight in 2018, I gained it so quickly that I didn't even get a change to wear these (again). I forgot that I'd held onto them. By the time I remembered, they were too small. Now that I've been losing weight again, I tried them on with the hope that they would fit. A couple of months ago, I could put them on, but they still looked too tight in my midsection.

Today, though, they are back to being "wearable in public" (that's my test for when I know something actually fits me--would I wear it in public?).

Every time I see mirror pictures, I tell myself I must clean my mirror. Maybe next week, you won't see spots and dust everywhere, haha.

After last week's gain, I really wanted to do well this week on the scale. And I did! I only went overboard with my calories once this week. Other than that, I was in a pretty good routine with my food.

Last week, I predicted that I would be 161.0 today. And you know what number was on the scale?

I was spot-on! (Technically, it was 160.6--but when I hold my phone to take a picture, it always adds 0.4).

My 4-week DietBet started today. I weighed in yesterday and I have to lose 6.5 pounds in the next 4 weeks. My weight loss over the last month really slowed down because I was getting lax about counting calories, so this will motivate me to stay on top of it.

Crossing my fingers that I might see the 150's next week :)


  1. We are at the same exact weight! <3 Im up 6 due to lower lumbar back issues and not being able to do anything. But i told myself no excuse this week and am fighting my way back slowly. MRI scheduled for tomorrow, I did put my running shoes back on after a month... so if I keep it slow and stead I should be ok. ugh. Keep up the good work!

  2. You are an inspiration! And thanks for the link to the pants!

  3. Congratulations. Off to get those pants!

  4. You are doing great. I am inspired to get back to it. I am doing your MAF running plan & decided to do a 6 week diet. I want to lose the pandemic pounds before Christmas.

  5. You inspired me to sign up for a DietBet for the first time in years!!


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