October 05, 2021

Transformation Tuesday #45

Happy Transformation Tuesday!

Like I mentioned a few days ago, I've had a crazy week and a lot of it involved working on stuff in the garage... which subsequently left my garage a huge mess. Yesterday, I spent a few hours cleaning it up. It's definitely not perfect--I still have to come up with a storage solution for scrap wood--but it looks a millions times better. And I can actually walk around in there again!

I have a couple of transformations from readers to share as well! Here goes...


This entry is a LONG time coming, even though it's so small! Lol. A year or so ago we got some furniture reupholstered - including this ottoman we use in the living room. I didn't want it damaged by feet or dogs, so I decided to make a simple slipcover for it. Fast forward to a month ago, and I finally made the slip cover - except for hemming it. So the ottoman sat around for another month with a towel tossed over it (classy!), until I finally hemmed the darn thing on my lunch break today.

It doesn't look very different, the cover is a bit greener, but the idea was that it would still match the room. Glad to have this one done!!


Deb, you are very talented! The new cover looks great. And I can certainly see why you want to protect the original upholstery--I really love that fabric. Nice job!  -Katie

I follow GoCleanCo on Instagram who is an awesome cleaning company based in Canada. They have the tricks for cleaning pretty much anything! At this time of year, they are running a fall cleaning challenge and a spring cleaning challenge for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere which lasts about 8 weeks. So, I've jumped on board the challenge and am slowly working my way through deep cleaning my house. Here are some before and afters from my kitchen and window tracks.

This transformation was one of those 5-minute transformations, once the dividers arrived in the mail! It has made such a difference in the organization of this drawer!

- Sarah

Sarah, you make me want to go clean all the nooks and crannies of my house! Starting with the window tracks. That must have been so satisfying! I'm definitely going to follow GoCleanCo on Instagram--I could use that inspiration :)  -Katie

Thanks so much for sharing! As always, I am begging for more transformations so that I can continue to do Transformation Tuesday every week. 

As the weather is getting colder, I'm going to challenge all of you to transform something weather related: clean out a coat closet and purge all the jackets/coats you don't need or won't wear! Another idea would be to sort/organize gloves, hats, and scarves. DON'T FORGET to take a "before" photo, of course.

Then send me the before photo and an after photo along with your name and a description of the transformation, to: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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  1. I have a transformation Tuesday email coming, we just have to wrap up our project this week :)


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