August 06, 2020

Mid-Summer Progress on Cookies Summer Run/Walk Challenge

My annual Cookies Summer Run/Walk Challenge started on June 20th, and yikes(!) the time has been going fast. I really really wanted to complete the list this year--running or walking, either one was good.

Considering I've been doing so much walking lately for 75 Hard (two 45-minute walks per day), it's been the perfect opportunity to get the items on my list checked off. 

If only I planned ahead.

There is still time for me to do the rest of the list (I'll go over the ones that I've done so far), but I did miss some of the ones that are supposed to be completed on particular days. I can't do anything about that now, so I plan to do them on another day. Better than nothing.

There are 56 items on the list, and I've completed 21. That means I still have to do 35 walks! In order to complete them, however, I really need to plan ahead (at least a week at time). Most times I just head out on a walk and forget that I'm supposed to be checking items off the list.

Here are ones I've done so far:

1. Beach Walk (along a body of water):

2. Bridge Walk (over a bridge): A ginormous bridge in my neighborhood ;)

3. Early Bird Walk (before 6:00 AM):

4. Explorer Walk (in a city I've never walked/run in before). This was in Mackinaw, MI, and we happened to come across an amazing park with a view of the Mackinac Bridge. 

5. Generous Walk (leaving a few quarters in random places during a walk for others to find) - I don't have a photo for this.

6. Penny Pincher Walk (find a penny or other coin during a walk). I happened to find all of these coins on the same day.

7. Podcast Walk (download a new podcast and listen to it during a walk). This is when I tried Six Miles to Supper, about intermittent fasting, a really like it!

8. Progression Walk (walk 3 miles with each mile faster than the previous). (The items in the picture I collected on the walk--a penny, a washer, and a guitar pick. Haha! Eli was looking for a piece of plastic just like the guitar pick so that he could use it while making fishing lures. And the washer was for a laugh because I'd been going crazy searching for a washer just like this one when I was doing something in the garage).

9. Race (enter a race and complete it). I entered a virtual race where you have to complete 20 miles between July 26-August 8. I have completed much more than that so far! I got my medal and bib in the mail today. Because it was an official virtual race, it counts. I chose this one because the medal totally sums up 2020 so far.

Here are all of the walks that make up the virtual race. I've done nearly 54 miles out of the 20 that were  required!

10. Rainy Walk (walk in the rain). You can't tell here, but I was pretty wet. It was lightly raining during the whole walk.

11. Rover Walk (with a dog)

12. Lunch Walk (start walk between 12 and 2 pm):

13. Selfie Walk (take a mid-walk selfie)

14. Tempo Walk (walk slightly faster than an easy pace)

15. Treadmill Walk (on the treadmill)

16. Solstice Walk (start before summer and end it after- 5:43 PM on June 20)

17. Creative Ice Cream Flavors Walk (enjoy a creative ice cream concoction for Creative Ice Cream Day on July 1st). I made a strange concoction--chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, peanut butter, coconut, chocolate chips, raisins, and dry oats. It was good!

18. Independence Walk (4 miles on July 4th wearing red, white, and blue):

19. Buck Full Moon Walk (walk during the Buck Full Moon on July 5)

20. Chocolate Walk (enjoy something chocolatey post-walk for World Chocolate Day). The item I chose was not very exciting. I actually forgot about chocolate day, and I just so happened to be eating these after dinner anyway, so I just counted that as my chocolate.

21. Run for Cookies! (celebrate with a chocolate chip cookie on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, August 4). Sadly, I have no picture and I did not eat a beautiful cookie. I know, *I*, Ms. Runs for Cookies, wasn't prepared to have an amazing chocolate chip cookie. Instead, I had a small package of Famous Amos cookies. They were still good!  (But I don't have a picture of those)

And there it is! My mid-summer progress on the challenge. With 75 Hard now a thing, I have lots of chances to still get in all of the walks. So, I'm going to keep working on it. I think tomorrow I may do a Fartlek Walk!

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