August 05, 2020

They're Not Babies Anymore!

This summer is flying by, and I just realized that we've had the kittens for three months now! It feels like we've only had them for a few weeks. I was looking at some recent photos of them and then started comparing those to photos from three months ago, and I am stunned at how much they've grown. They aren't babies anymore!

These photos show a three-month difference, on the same bed:

When we first got them, they both looked like little puffballs of fur, especially Chick. Chick has long hair and Duck has short hair. According to the rescue we adopted them from, their mom was pure siamese. I knew nothing about Siamese cats, but after reading about them recently, I am convinced that Duck definitely has the character traits (and the body structure) of a Siamese. Chick likely took after his dad. 

Duck is very people-oriented and loves to talk to us in little chirps. He plays fetch--his favorite thing to fetch is either a crumbled up ball of paper or a little plastic clip that I use for sewing. He'll bring it to me and then I throw it down the hall and he chases after it at full speed before sliding into the wall as he picks it up. Then he returns it to me and drops it for me to throw it again. It's so cute!

Chick, on the other hand, is more subtle when it comes to affection. (Duck demands it; Chick politely asks.) Chick doesn't play fetch and he's not as fast as Duck, but he is killer when it comes to jumping and climbing. His balance is amazing. And he can spot and catch anything--if there is a fly in the house, Chick will not give up until he catches it.

In this photo, Eli was dangling a t-shirt and Chick was determined to get it. He can jump so high!

He will also climb in order to get treats. Eli was giving him treats and he literally climbed up Eli's leg. He looks like a squirrel in this picture:

One night, I was lying in bed reading, with the cats on my legs, and I could see that Chick spotted something above my nightstand. His eyes were totally focused on it while he jumped up on the nightstand and grabbed whatever it was (it ended up being a teeny tiny moth, about the size of a mosquito!). 

Right after he grabbed it, it fell down behind the nightstand. He jumped down on the floor to try and get to the moth, but the nightstand is tight against the wall and he couldn't reach back there. I continued to read my book, and 10 minutes later, I happened to notice that Chick was STILL staring like this. No matter how I said his name or tried to distract him, he was so focused and didn't move a muscle.

I felt sorry for him, so I looked between the nightstand and the wall, and sure enough, the tiny little moth was on the floor right there, out of his paw's reach. He'd been waiting for it to fly again, I guess. It took some maneuvering, but I got it out for him and he was happy as a clam! Then it flew above my nightstand again, and Duck noticed it, too. Both of the cats were mesmerized.

Chick finally ended up catching it and probably eating it.

Duck likes to stand on top of the refrigerator and look up at the skylight. Occasionally he'll see a bird or something and he's at full attention. I love this photo of him:

I took this photo of Duck while he was keeping me from reading my book, and I thought it was hilarious how much he looks like "anxiety cat" from the anxiety cat memes. 

He also likes to lie down on the floor in the most awkward position... I've never seen a cat do this before! It makes his belly look huge.

Estelle is starting to hate me less now. She was attached to me at the hip for years and when we got the kittens, she was SO mad at me. She was sleeping on my legs in this photo, and Duck came up behind me over my shoulder and then quietly laid down without Estelle noticing. I love how he's looking at her, haha. This lasted about 30 seconds, and then Estelle noticed him there and she took off. 

I'm still hoping that Phoebe will accept the kittens, but she is more of a loner cat. She likes people, but she's never warmed up to Estelle and they've been living together for 10 years. 

Anyway, I am SO SO happy that we adopted the kittens. The timing was perfect, considering the quarantine, so we've gotten to spend a lot of time with them. 


  1. My friends cat lives with dogs and he also lies like Duck. It's a traditional "dog" kind of pose. Maybe he picked it up from Joey?

    1. Possibly! It's just so funny when we see him lie down like that!

  2. We adopted an 8-month old cat in January after our two elderly cats passed away last year, and he also likes to play fetch! It's so, so cute, but sometimes I need him to give it a rest already, haha.

    1. Yes, I agree! Sometimes, just chill please, Duck. He ALWAYS wants to play when I am blogging, which basically doubles my blogging time, haha.

  3. I've always been a dog person (Love your Joey Posts) - but you are almost turning me into a cat-curious person...They are so cute!

    1. They will convert you to a cat lover! ;) Joey has been fantastic, but I am definitely a cat person. Their individual personalities crack me up!

  4. Such cute boys! They've grown so much!

    1. I know--I wish time could stand still a little longer! They are still adorable, and I wish I could just box up their cuteness for the days when they get lazy like Estelle and Phoebe ;)


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