August 07, 2020

I Just Felt Like Running


(When @carlostherunner on Instagram learned that Forrest Gump is my favorite movie, he made this for me from one of my race photos. I love it!! He does a lot of fun photoshopping with his running pics--check him out!)

My very favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump. Not only do I love Tom Hanks, but the references in that movie are amazing and each time I watch it, I find new bits that I didn't notice before. 

Jerry loves the movie, too, and we both quote from it all the time. We like to quote from movies anyway, but Forrest Gump is definitely our most quoted. It never fails... when I say, "I have to go pee" Jerry says, "I believe he said he had to go pee!"  and I reply with, "I must have drank me about 15 Dr. Peppers."

Anyway, today during my second walk, "I just felt like running".

I didn't RUN run. I was doing my walk on the treadmill and I increased the incline to get my heart rate up higher, hoping to get it into the MAF training zone (for me, it's 132-142 bpm). It's very hard for me to get it that high when I walk (today I had to walk at 4.0 mph with a 1% incline for about 8 minutes to get my HR up to MAF).

Walking that fast is hard! I started thinking it might be easier just to jog at a slow pace. After that, I lowered the incline to 0%, and then I went between 4.0 mph (walk) to 5.0 mph (jog). Each time I ran at 5.0 mph, I ran until my heart rate reached the top of my MAF zone--142--and then I lowered it to 4.0 mph until my HR dropped to 132. 

Then I repeated this over and over for a couple of miles. Because my treadmill and Garmin read differently, the Garmin was showing my pace as 13:30 when I was running at 5.0 mph (12:00/mi). It's annoying, but I'm used to it now. I believe the speed on my treadmill is correct, but I KNOW that the timer is off. So, I just use the timer from my Garmin and the distance from my treadmill to determine my pace.

Not that it really matters. But I wanted to get some credit for adding in some short bouts of running, dammit!

When I was 44 minutes in, I knew that my show (Sweet Magnolias) was supposed to end at the 46-minute mark, so I decided to just run the rest of the episode, regardless of heart rate. Well, the episode didn't end until over 52 minutes in--so I'd run for 8 minutes. And I felt good!

I'm sure that if I wanted to, I could run for 45 minutes straight right now, but there is something appealing about the fact that I'm not "going for a run". I'm just going for a walk and if I just happen to "feel like running", I can. But I won't feel bad about it if I don't ever want to run again. I'm exercising for 90 minutes day--it's walking, but I'm good with that. I'm getting older and and being called a "runner" doesn't really do anything for me anymore.

It felt good though--I was sweaty when I was done.

Since I walk with Joey in the mornings, I don't go very fast. He wants to sniff every little bush or telephone pole along the side of the road, and it drives me crazy. I would enjoy it more if he didn't come with me, but each time I get my shoes on in the morning, I can see him peeking over the couch until he catches my eye. And then I just have to.

I don't have the heart to leave him at home (he needs the exercise, too!) so I bring him along. Since my morning walks are on the slow side, I've been trying to make an effort to make the afternoon ones harder. I can ride my bike, which gets my heart rate higher, or I can walk on the treadmill with an incline, or I can add some running to it if I feel like it. 

Today, it felt good to "just feel like running"!

Since today is International Beer Day, and that's an item on my Cookies Summer Challenge list--celebrate a run or walk with a beer (or root beer, ginger beer, or non-alcoholic beer)--I had a Heineken 0.0% with dinner (the 0.0% means literally no alcohol at all). I have always loved Heineken, so having these occasionally is a good treat! (They taste identical to original Heineken, honest)

With it being Friday, I made pizza for "pizza Friday" at our house. I didn't make just any pizza, either. I made the most delicious pizza of all time--Dill Pickle Pizza! This recipe is SO delicious.

I wouldn't change a single thing about the recipe--no substitutions, modifications, ingredient swaps, etc. Especially with the crust! It's very unique and oh so delicious. If you like dill pickles, I insist you try this recipe. (It's not my recipe, although I wish I could claim it--here is the original). I love that the crust ingredients are measured by weight--I always screw up baking anything, so having the exact measurements made this super easy.

Now I have 19 Days down! 56 to go :)


  1. OMG, Dill Pickle Pizza?!?! YES, PLEASE!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  2. That pizza looks awesome and so glad you ran like forest for a bit.

  3. That pizza looks delicious!! I'm definitely going to try the recipe!!

  4. I’m here for the pizza content! I’m glad your run felt good, and can’t wait to try that pizza!

  5. Yum!! Just tried this recipe tonight, and even though we didn't have the dill weed, it was still a hit!! thanks for sharing :)


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