May 02, 2020

The One Where We Name Our Kittens

I don't have time to write a "real" post right now, because Jerry and I are about to watch a movie... but tomorrow, we are going to pick up our new kittens from the animal rescue we are adopting them from. We are SO EXCITED.

As I mentioned a few times before, we are getting two kittens from a rescue (they are both solid black--we were told that black kittens are hard to adopt out--so sad!).

As you know, we have always named our pets after "Friends" characters. Currently, we have Joey (our "chabrador"--lab-chow mix); Phoebe (orange tabby); and Estelle (tortoiseshell).

Previously, we have had Chandler, Janice, Paolo, and Monica (all cats).

We are getting two male kittens, so we need two male names. Here are some ideas, keeping with the "Friends" theme (but we are open to others!):

1) Tag and Charlie
2) Chick and Duck
3) Gunther and Geller
4) Geller and Bing
5) Fun Bobby and Frank Jr. Jr.
6) Chip and Kip

We cannot use the name Chandler (he was our first cat and he passed away in 2016--we were devastated! His name is retired.) We could always forgo the Friends theme, but since we've done it for so long, it feels like we should continue the tradition!

Eli loves Breaking Bad, so he did suggest Combo and Badger from that show. I'm not opposed to it! I think those names are very cool for cats. But even Eli was thinking it'd be sad to break tradition from Friends.

Anyways, I will be sure to post some pictures tomorrow. We are so excited to pick them up!

I know that sometimes people have a hard time commenting here, so here is a link to my Facebook post about the names of the cats... feel free to post your opinion there!


  1. Chick and Duck would be so cute cuz they aren't chicks or ducks and love names like that, LOL ❤

  2. I like Gunther and Geller!

  3. Can't wait to see photos of them!

  4. So cute!
    Chick & Duck!

  5. What about Claude and Carl. Claude from when Joey was learning French and Carl from the guy he met at an audition. Damn it, Carl! LOL

  6. If you want another breaking bad reference, you could name them saul and jimmy (saul's original name in the better call saul series), especially since they look so much alike!

  7. Chip and kip is soooo cute!


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