May 03, 2020

The Kittens' First Day

It's almost 10:00, and I am just now writing a post... it's been such a busy day! I'll post a little now, but hopefully will catch up tomorrow.

Like I said yesterday, today was the day we could pick up our kittens! When we recently planned to adopt a couple of tuxedo cats, they were just not happy leaving their foster home (where they'd been since they were just a few weeks old). They didn't eat a single bite of food by day three, so we ended up giving them back to their foster home (the rescue where we were adopting them from).

I had mentioned wanting older cats because kittens are so easy to adopt out (everybody wants kittens); but they said that black kittens are very hard to adopt out and they happened to have four of them that were going to be ready for adoption in a few weeks (after getting spayed/neutered).

I wanted to get two males (they get along better than females, and considering we already have two females, I felt it was a safe bet). Eli really wanted a long-haired cat, and one of the black ones happened to have long hair. So, we knew which kitties we were getting--we just had to be patient and wait for the time to pick them up.

I mentioned yesterday that we were trying to come up with our Friends-themed names, to keep with tradition, so I asked for input on Facebook. It was so fun to read through and see what everyone thought!

To save you the suspense, we STILL haven't picked their names. I don't know why this is such a hard decision! We even looked up a list of every single character that was ever on Friends--and we just couldn't come to a decision.

So, I'll have to share their names later. For now, we've been calling them "The One With the Long Hair" and "The One With the Short Hair". So original! (If it wasn't for their hair lengths, we would not be able to tell them apart at all.)

It actually was kind of funny, because Jerry said we should literally name them "The One With the Long Hair" and "The One With the Short Hair". If you're a Friends fan, then you know that all of the episodes titles started with "The One Where..." or "The One With...", etc. It would be pretty ironic to name them that! haha

In a nutshell:

The One With the Short Hair... We were actually talking about naming him "Fun Bobby" because his personality really does fit! He's very spontaneous and bold. Extremely curious--he always checks things out first, and then his brother will follow. He even sniffed out Joey almost right away.

The One With the Long Hair... He is very cautious, but super sweet and cuddly. He will purr immediately when you pick him up and he just falls completely limp on your lap while he sleeps.

Together, they're adorable! They play rough with each other--chasing each other all over the place and tumbling around, wrestling on the floor. They are SO curious and SO full of energy! We hadn't had a kitten since Chandler, and that was in 2003--I'd forgotten just how curious and fun kittens are.

We spent all evening just watching them play. It was super entertaining!

Joey took to the kittens right away; he was very curious, of course, but he was more interested in their food than he was them, haha. Estelle and Phoebe hate me right now! They are super pissed about having new cats in the house--which I expected. I'm sure they'll come around in a week or so.

The kittens move SO quickly that it's nearly impossible to get a photo of them that isn't just a blur. But I did my best to a get a few. They aren't great photos, but I'll try and get some better ones with Noah's camera tomorrow.

Hoping to get some sleep tonight!  Haha


  1. That's a great picture of Jerry with the kitten on his lap! Kittens are a lot of fun, here's hoping Estelle and Phoebe come around.

  2. Awww yay! We adopted a brother/sister black kitten pair 8 years ago. Nothing wrong with black kitties! Be prepared to always have a hard time photographing them! You'll need to find a light background for contrast otherwise they always end up looking like fluffy blobs :)

  3. I didn't vote but I was thinking Fun Bobby and Frank Jr Jr were really cute names! Those kitten are ADORABLE!!!!!

  4. Those kittens are so cute! I am glad to see they are doing well! This makes me want to adopt some new kittens. I had suggested it to my husband while we are in quarantine, but he said no. We have three cats who are 12. They are all siblings from the same litter and have never been apart. It made me laugh when you said that males get along better. Our cats are two males and one female, and they couldn't care less about each other. None of them are chummy to each other - they just tolerate each other. The female is a black cat, with just a few little spots of white on her underside. She is a very elegant-looking cat.

  5. What about Paul Stevens (the cameo Bruce Willis made on Friends) for your second one? He was very attached to Rachel and was always leaning on her... granted, he was crying, but still... :)

  6. I vote Fun Bobby and Frank Jr Jr--Bobby and Frankie are very cute names for cats! They're adorable.

  7. I have too female Black cats on is Sheba and SUSU I love them, I have them for 8 year only indoor safety. I love The name you picked very good name BobbY and Frank good looks with your cats!

  8. I've always had black kittens/cats. I prefer them. Those little guys are adorable.

  9. I named my two white kittens Ruff and Tuff. Now that Tuff is gone, I only have a cat named Ruff, which is a little strange.

  10. I have had 2 black kitty's 1 10 yrs old and I 19 and they are loving and beautiful!

  11. Do they have homes? Interested in the female kitten

  12. What if you usec letters from "The One With The Long Hair" and "The One With The Short Hair" to create their names like "LOTH" and "TOWSH" or some such... when our tuxedo triplets were born and we needed to start caring for them when they were just a couple days old, we went with "A, B, C" ie, Andy, Bootsie, and Callie... we've had pure black cats that lived to be seniors and now I have nine cats, originally "feral", all related but now all spayed and neutered, generally named by their coloring except for the tuxedo triplets...

  13. All kittens turn me into a pile of mush, but black kittens, oh, black kittens. These guys are just extraordinarily adorable . I am so jealous. My two precious black cats are 11 now 🤗❤💕


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