May 11, 2020

Feeling Like a Kid on Christmas Morning


After I got done sewing the first batch of face masks to give away, I had so many people interested in them that I made a second batch--my mom had given me some fabric. (I still have this batch--I don't want to mail them until I find out if the others have gotten theirs. The postal service is SUPER slow right now from what I was told when I called the post office to ask. I've only heard from one person who received hers, and she also lives in Michigan.

I'm going to do a random drawing for the rest of the masks--you can enter at the bottom of this post. Rather than "first come, first serve" I'll just do a random drawing to make it a little more fair. 

Anyway, that second batch wiped me out as far as fabric goes. Also, I decided that I was REALLY tired of making masks. I actually made about 125 of them in total!

However, I got a very sweet email from a reader named Sarah. She said that she and her mom like to quilt and she had a ton of extra quilting fabric that she'd like to send me. I told her that I was grateful for the offer, but that I really wasn't planning to make more masks. She knows how much I love crafting, and she insisted that I should use the fabric on anything that I wanted--she completely understood that I was tired of making masks.

I felt a little guilty accepting it, because I honestly don't know if I'll make more masks. However, I loved the idea of sewing new things! 

I was SO EXCITED when FedEx dropped off two boxes of fabric on Saturday. I had no idea she was going to send so much and such a big variety! I began to lay it all out on my bed as I sorted through it, eagerly looking at each piece and mentally going through ideas of what I could make. Way ahead of myself, haha!

Even overlapping the folded pieces of fabric, I could just barely fit it all on my bed to take a photo. I wasn't even able to fit it all in one photo! 


The fabric was really cute, too!





Anyway, I love the patterns on the fabric, and it almost made me want to make some masks yesterday. Instead, I browsed Pinterest for small sewing projects and pinned about a million ideas. I could have started making something yesterday, but I was too busy pinning ideas!

Maybe I will actually start something tomorrow. I really do need to work on the garage some more, though. The drywall for the ceiling is going to be delivered on Wednesday, so I'd like to finish the first coat of mud on the walls tomorrow. I just wish I could have a totally empty garage to work in! All of our stuff is everywhere--so it's hard to maneuver around to mud the walls. I have to spend an hour just moving things away from each individual wall as I work on it.

But already, I am loving how it looks. It's so much brighter in there and it actually feels warmer already. We had a couple of colder days over the weekend and it was warmer in the garage than outside (usually there is no difference). 

Anyways, I'm going to open up a giveaway for my remaining masks. This time, it'll be a grab bag--I'm going to put the masks in the envelopes and have them all ready to label after I draw names. So, you'll have no idea what color mask it'll be--hopefully you like it! ;)  Again, totally limited fabric... the ones below are the colors I have.


Again, there is no need to pay me--I'm happy to give them away to those that need them--but if you want to give me a few bucks as a donation, I won't say no ;)  I'll include a note about it in the envelope. Like I said, the mail service is ridiculously slow, so it'll likely take a couple of weeks to arrive. I can get them mailed by Thursday this week.

To enter for the giveaway, just fill out this Google form. (Nobody will see the info except for me). I'll give it 24 hours before I close the giveaway entries and do a random drawing. (And I'm so sorry, but I cannot do international shipping on these--you likely wouldn't even get them until next year anyway! ha)


  1. Love the fabric she gave you and what a nice random act of kindness on both your parts for sharing the love. Have fun sewing.

  2. So exciting!! Thanks for sharing pictures.

  3. I'm as excited as you are about all that fabric. I have been making masks also and I absolutely love all the colors and patterns. When I go in a fabric store I can hardly choose what to buy because I just love it all! Anxious to hear and see what you will be making with all the beautiful fabrics!

  4. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing your sewing skills.

  5. WOW! what fun fabrics! I can't wait to see what you create. I've been making masks for weeks now and am at about 250 so far.


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