May 07, 2020

Not even a real post anyways

The name of this post is dumb, I know! The other day, Jerry said something about Canada; and then when I heard "Canada", for some reason, my mind went to that song in the South Park Movie (yes, from 1999-ish!). "Blame Canada! It's not even a real country anyways". And it's been in my head for days now. And that's where the title of this came from. 

Tonight has been stressful. Rather than try to think of something to write, I'm just going to post a few random pictures. Today wasn't a particularly stressful day, but after this evening, I'd like to just go to bed (actually, I should be going to bed early anyways--I'm trying to get on a good sleep schedule, and it got all of whack when we got the kittens!).

I don't even have a lot of photos to post, but here are a few.

Jerry made dinner today--and it was fantastic! He made homemade chicken noodle soup. He actually started it yesterday (boiling a whole chicken) and then today he finished it by straining the broth, removing the meat from the carcass, and then actually making the soup. I was super impressed--it was delicious!

And of course, here are a couple of photos of the kittens... They LOVE sleeping on Jerry's pillow. And I adore that they always like sleeping together.

I wanted to get a good picture of them against a background that was a good contrast to their fur (pretty much nothing in this house is!). Today, I had the perfect photo opportunity when Chick was draped across the couch in my bedroom. I LOVE this picture!

Here is a photo of Estelle and Phoebe as they watched the kittens play in the living room. They are both SO angry at me. Estelle has been warming up just a little, but I miss her. She used to be joined to my hip 24/7. Phoebe is still so spitting mad that she'll swipe at me with her claws when I try to pick her up. She's never been like that before! I'm sure she'll adjust, but she's definitely being dramatic.

It's funny that the kittens seem fearless of the cats, though. Chick, especially, likes to follow Phoebe around out of curiosity! And neither of the kittens is scared of Joey--Joey has always been at the bottom of the totem pole as far as the pets go (poor dog!). I'm glad he's so cool with the cats, though ;) 

I had planned to have some sort of a movie marathon or whatever with Jerry today, but that just didn't happen. We were super busy doing random stuff that needed to get done up until about 3:00, when we finally watched a little bit of Gilmore Girls (I love that he loves that show!). 

Right now, it's only 10:30 and I can barely keep my eyes open! I haven't slept much since we got the kittens. Last night, they slept on the bed with us. I was nervous about it, because I was so worried I'd smother one of them in my sleep. I was lying on my stomach, trying to fall asleep, when I felt one of the kittens come up to my head and drape himself across my neck. Then he put his face right in my ear and started purring. It was so cute and funny that I just let him do it. And I got pretty much no sleep last night.

I've started leaving my bedroom door open so the kittens are free to leave the bedroom when they want to. They pretty much just go wherever we are, though. 

Okay, I'm going to bed for real now. I am so tired!


  1. I love reading about introducing the kittens to your house because we're about to adopt another kitten and I'm sooooo curious how it will go. We have two dogs, a cat (2 years) and two little kids (2.5 and 1) and I'm curious how we'll all blend together. I know our dogs won't care - they'll be happy to have another little creature to play with - but I wonder how our cat will react. He's pretty outgoing and loves to play, but he also really likes his space. Lately he's been SO affectionate with me (and *only* me) and I'm worried he'll rebel when we bring the kitten home. I hope you write more about how Phoebe and Estelle do with Chick and Duck because I'm super curious!

  2. when we introduced kittens frodo and sam to our loving adult cat, he became hostile for the first time ever. but only to them. lol. he got over it though and let them cuddle with him.

    when frodo and sam were older, i fostered a rescue kitten and they were anti-kitten for a little while, but then they taught her how to cat (cleaned her, etc).

    then when we moved, she would roam around the apartment randomly hissing out of anger. hehehe. but then she got over it.

    funny story of kittens draped on necks--my first rescue kitty used to sleep between my legs when he was little, and bite my ankles to play in the early morning. but then as he got older, slept on the pillow next to me. one morning i woke up with him draped around my neck but he wasn't so little anymore--at least 13 pounds or so!


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