May 06, 2020

FINALLY Naming the Kittens...?!

After having the kittens for three days, we STILL hadn't named them. I really need to make a vet appointment for them, so names are required! 

This morning, we narrowed it down to to two choices (after reading everyone's opinions on my Facebook post):

1) Chick and Duck
2) Geller and Bing

We decided to let my Facebook followers make the final decision... with a poll! And then when I started to write up the poll, I realized that Facebook took away that option. There was no way to make a poll on a Facebook page... I have no idea why!

I really loved the idea of other people choosing for us, so I look for other options... and I found a site that allowed you to make you own polls and then post them to Facebook. I spent the time creating it and got it posted... only to find out (afterward) that you can only collect 40 votes. If you want to collect more than 40, you have to pay for a subscription! 

So, I deleted the post... I hated doing that, but I was not about to pay for a subscription for a one-time "just for the fun of it" poll. 

I have no idea how many people would have voted for what; but the choices we had put up were the overwhelming majority of what people had previously selected. So, we had to figure it out on our own. 

It's such a stupid topic, really. How hard could it be to name two kittens?! 

After talking to the kids, we decided to go with... Chick and Duck!

I can't say I *love* the names... but I do love that they make sense for our Friends theme and that we'll likely never get this chance again (to name two cats at the same time). When I hear "Geller", I think of Ross, and I hate Ross. Hahaha! So, I voted for Chick and Duck.

We decided to name "the short haired one" Duck, and "the long haired one" Chick. It feels weird saying those names, but we HAD to come up with something, and so many people loved the idea of Chick and Duck that it was hard NOT to name them that!

So, I introduce to you Chick and Duck. (a.k.a. "The One With The Long Hair" and "The One With The Short Hair"). 

In a nutshell, Chick (the top left of the photo above) is VERY cuddly and purrs almost constantly. He plays with his brother a lot, but also likes his sleep. And he loves to eat! When we give them their wet food, he goes crazy for it. When I eat something near them, he has tried to eat it right out of my mouth, hahaha. As I write this, he is draped across my shoulder while he sleeps. 

On the other hand, Duck is much more playful. He's still cuddly when he's tired, but he plays a LOT and he recruits his brother as often as possible (whether wanted or not). He's very bold and loves to explore new territory--no matter where it is--and is always the first of the two to check things out.

I love this photo of Noah with the two of them!

Together, the two of them love to roll around and wrestle, but they also love to cuddle when they are sleeping. It's SO STINKIN' ADORABLE. I actually managed to get a cute picture of them today when they were sleeping together--and hugging!


Okay, I promise that not every post I write is going to be about the kittens now. They are fitting in well with the family (they and Joey are totally cool; Phoebe and Estelle, on the other hand, need more time). Adopting kittens is just the most exciting thing to happen to our family in a long time! We are all thrilled. 

Jerry is off work tomorrow, and I think we're going to have a totally lazy day--rather than working on the garage or other projects, I would love to just have a movie marathon or something. We're supposed to have a cold front coming through (with possible snow!) this week. I can't say I'm surprised. Michigan's weather never fails to surprise me!

Today, I got the materials to start taping and mudding the walls of the garage. I figured I can do that while I wait for the drywall for the ceiling to be delivered (at least a week, but most likely two weeks). I will place the order tomorrow, and hopefully find out then.

It's going to feel so odd NOT doing something productive tomorrow. But I think it's necessary for both Jerry and me. He's been at work, and I've been working non-stop on project after project at home. I hope it'll be relaxing to take a break tomorrow!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! xo 


  1. They're so adorable. I'm glad you settled on the names, even if you couldn't put it to a vote. BTW, I've seen on other fb pages that the way they've got people to vote is to use one of the like options, so you could say to respond with the laughing response for one and the crying response for another etc. It's not ideal but it's an option anyway if you need one in the future.

  2. so I had to comment because i love kitties!! these little boys will always have a special bond as brothers. my 2 cats were adopted when they were only a few weeks old and they are sisters and are obsessed with each other. they snuggle with each other every single day! it's so cute my heart melts. anyway,they are adorable and soak up right now because they grow up so fast and while i love my grown NOTHING is as cute as two snuggling kittens!

  3. I love the names! They are such cute kitties! (I'm going to be the annoying person who makes an after-the-fact opinion...but Unagi and Pivot would've been fun names too! Hahah! Imagine looking for one of the kitties and having to yell Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! Lol!)

    1. OH.MY.GAWD. (Read that in Janice's voice)

      I SO wish we'd have seen this before--Jerry and I say "Pivot!" to each other all the time! It would have been perfect. I'm not crazy about Unagi, but if we could've come up with something that went with Pivot... that would be perfect! <3

    2. That would have been even more funny then! Haha!

  4. They are so, so cute!

  5. So glad you picked Chick and Duck. It makes me smile every time I say it. Friends was such a great show, so glad you have made all your pets' names a tribute to it. We recently got a Bulldog puppy, she's not quite four months old now, (we got her at 8 weeks) and what a livewire. She drives our poor 6-year old Bulldog nuts, wanting to play all the time. I'm wishing I had gotten two puppies, or perhaps since my dog is 6, found a mature rescue Bulldog to add to the family instead of a crazy puppy. I just hope our puppy (her name is Calypso--we are going with Goddess names for our Bulldogs, all two of them) isn't too much for my sweet gentle and quiet 6-year old Juno Bulldog. I love seeing the pictures of your kittens playing with each other. That's what puppies and kitties do---they want to play ALL THE TIME!

  6. My black kitten was named.... "Kitty" :)

    I like the names Chick and Duck!

  7. I adore the fact that you name your pets after Friends! It’s my all time favorite show too! (Just watched it tonight.) I love Chick and Duck! Pivot and Paulo would’ve been great too! Or David & Mike! They are so adorable. Love the pics of them sleeping and holding each other!


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