May 21, 2020

Kitten Update and Video

Thank you for the empathetic comments on the last post--it seems SO many people are in the same boat or can relate in some way.

It has been so hard to think of new things to write about lately. Even the projects that I loved working on are starting to feel mundane during the quarantine. I have so much more time to work on them, so they aren't as exciting.

I'm dying to start using my garage again, but the drywalling is going so slowly. There is a lot to do--I have to install soffit vents between the joists (36 vents total), then staple insulation across all the joists (the garage is 24 feet by 36 feet, so that's a lot of square feet to cover). And finally, I'll be able to install the drywall to the ceiling. Then tape, mud, prime, and paint. I don't know why I thought this would be an easy project!

Well, it's not that it's "hard"--it's just tedious and trying to move the ladder around all of the crap in the garage is a pain. I wish we had somewhere to store everything until the garage is done. It would go so much faster!

Anyway, Chick and Duck are as cute as ever! They've been super entertaining during this quarantine. I really wish they didn't like to sleep on my bed (Estelle used to sleep with me, and she won't anymore), but they are too cute to refuse. Last night, Duck laid across the back of my neck and slept there with his nose in my ear. I was actually able to fall asleep like that! The repetition of his purr was kind of soothing.

Here is a video of the kittens wrestling with each other. They do this a lot--totally entertaining themselves. Chick is the one with longer hair and Duck is the one that falls off the bed.

Phoebe still hates me since we got the kittens. Most of the time, she won't let me touch her and sometimes she'll even growl and hiss at me. I have just been trying to be extra nice to her, hoping she'll come around eventually.

Estelle has gotten more tolerant of the kittens, and I can tell she's very curious of them; but her pride just won't let her admit it. When she thinks I'm not looking, I'll notice her go up to one of them and smell them or she'll sit and watch them play. I really miss having her sleep on my legs all the time! The second I would sit down, it didn't matter when or where, she'd be there to sit on me. She hasn't done that at all after we got the kittens.

Still, I find it hard to believe that Phoebe and Estelle won't fall in love with these two:

And with that, I'll leave you with this post that I saw on Instagram by @behaviorhack. I really like it! I actually like this account a lot--full of great life lessons!

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  1. Oh goodness the kittens are so cute! Hopefully Phoebe and Estelle start to feel better about the kits soon. Love that "let go of" post.


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