May 29, 2020

Just a plain old bad day

I'm really not in the mood to write a post tonight. I had a bad day in general, but this evening has been even worse. Just feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

So, I'll just share a few cute photos.

This is Duck, who just prior to the photo was sleeping in the cup holder of the treadmill. He heard me get the camera and he woke up. But it was so cute!

Here is a picture of Chick, who decided that the best place to take a nap was inside of Joey's toy box.

Another picture of Chick--I love how cats turn their heads upside down when they sleep like this!

These are the geese that live across the street. One of the goslings got trapped on the other side of a fence that leads to a pump house, and the mom and dad were going crazy. Eli came home and asked me if I could help get the gosling free to join his family. I walked down the street and by the time I got there, the little gosling had made his way out and all was good. They swam away, and I took this photo as they did.

Here is my sweet Phoebe. She still doesn't like me very much after getting the kittens, but she's definitely getting better. One of the reasons I was upset tonight was that Phoebe wouldn't come to me like she usually does when she senses something is wrong. If anyone is ever crying, she goes to that person and cuddles on them. Well, she didn't come to me today, and even after I tried really hard to get her to come to me, she wouldn't. It just made me feel worse. I really hope that she's back to normal soon. I miss her.

Joey was eating his breakfast this morning and the kittens were kind of fascinated to watch him. They have their own water bowl, but they like to drink out of Joey's. So they were drinking from his bowl while Joey ate, and then they just watched him, hahaha.

Duck was especially curious to see what Joey was eating. Duck is a little piggy and is always looking for food!

Okay, I'm going to bed now. I'll try to write a post tomorrow when I'm in a better mood!


  1. Sorry your day wasn’t great, but the kittens and cats are adorable!

  2. Hope you feel better soon & that Phoebe starts to feel more like herself as well. Cats can take a long time to ruminate on change!


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