May 12, 2020

Just Another Quarantine Post (A Daily Routine)


I realize that most people who read my blog probably have no idea what Euchre is (it's a midwest card game), so you won't understand this meme... but I loved it so much that I just had to post it!

I really feel so boring right now! Every day feels like Groundhog Day, so I don't really have anything new to write about. 

I've been trying to get on a good sleeping routine, but it's just impossible for me. I simply cannot fathom going to bed so early (at 9:00 or so with Jerry)! So lately, I've been trying to go to bed by 12:00.

At 4:30, Jerry wakes up--which also make the kittens wake up and think that it's time to get up for the day. Jerry gives them a can of wet food, which seems to hold them over and they come back to bed with me. 

However, Chick likes to sleep ON MY HEAD and it drives me crazy. He also likes to try to bite my earrings; he even pulled my nose piercing right out of my nose! I panicked, thinking he may have swallowed it, but thankfully I found it on the bed.

From 4:30-6:30 or so, I spend the morning trying to fall asleep while the kittens (just Chick, actually) climbs on my head and tries to get a comfortable position to lie down and purr as loudly as a jet engine in my ear. 

I can't even be annoyed, because they are just so darn cute!

I finally get out of bed at around 6:30, and then do my morning routine--which totally involves all of our pets (including the squirrels). Today, for example, I decided to make some sourdough toast for breakfast. While it was toasting, "Fluffy" the squirrel came up to the back door (she can see me in the kitchen from there, so I would feel bad ignoring her). 

(We call her Fluffy because she is the fattest squirrel that we feed--and you know who Gabriel Iglesias is? That's where we got the name. She's not fat, she's fluffy!)

She usually waits on the porch near the door, waiting for one of us (ahem, ME) to get up and feed her a walnut. (We have a "squirrel lunchbox" on the deck, which we always keep peanuts in, but some of the squirrels are so spoiled that they wait for us to give them walnuts. I only give them a walnut if they take it from our hands--walnuts are expensive!)

I've noticed a few new guys coming around, and they are skittish about coming up close to us until they see the others do it. They are new--and very skinny! It'll be interesting to see if they warm up to us.

Anyway, I get up and feed Joey, let him out to go to the bathroom, then give Estelle a couple of treats (she meows until she gets some--so spoiled), and then I give the squirrels their walnuts as they come to the door. Meanwhile, I am making my toast and tea or (decaf) coffee. And then this past week, I have to try to keep an eye on the kittens while I do all this.

This morning, it literally took me 35 minutes from the time I put my bread in the toaster oven until I got to sit down and really eat my breakfast! 

While I eat my toast, I usually play the stupid Best Fiends game on my phone. And then I go out to the garage to work on that for several hours!

Today, I had to continue filling in all the holes from the screws with drywall compound and add a base layer of compound to the seams. It's not really boring, because I listen to podcasts, but it feels like it takes forever because I have to keep going up and down the ladder to move it. I also have to move things out of the way to make room for my ladder.

There was one spot (about 35 inches wide) that brother, Brian, told me to hold off on placing the drywall. He wanted to run some electrical stuff there--for a heater--before I screwed in the drywall. He came by yesterday and did what he needed to do, so today, I had to replace the insulation and and then hang drywall there.

The drywall wasn't fitting in very well in the top left corner, so I grabbed my drywall knife to cut a little off of it. As I was cutting, I don't even remember how it happened, but the ladder came out from under me and I was falling (crashing) down to the ground. I hit my ribs on a lip of concrete before landing on my elbow on the concrete floor of the garage with the ladder on top of me. (Thankfully, the drywall sheet didn't fall on me as well!)

How I came out alive, and with no broken bones, is beyond me. That's the second time I fell off a ladder in a few months, and it's pretty scary! The fall at Nathan's was worse--I am still feeling the effects on my ankle and knee--but today I got some serious bruises. 

I've only gotten 3/4 of the garage done (with the FIRST coat of mud--I haven't even applied the tape yet!) so I'll be working on it for at least a week. Lowe's called today and said that the insulation I ordered (for the attic space above the garage ceiling) wasn't in stock, so they canceled my order. I had been expecting it to be delivered tomorrow! So, now I will have time to finish mudding the walls, but I'm bummed that I can't start drywalling the ceiling. 

I still haven't started a sewing project. I think I'm just putting too much thought into it! I need to just pick something small and make it. I'm really excited to use the new-to-me fabric. 

I haven't been doing good with my weight loss goals at ALL. I'm sure it's because my routine has been all screwed up from this Covid stuff. I really need to write out a schedule to stick to. Having bipolar, there is pretty much nothing more important than having a schedule/routine!

And speaking of which, my psychiatrist appointment was scheduled for today. He isn't seeing patients in the office, but rather by phone (optionally). I really don't think I need a change of meds, so I'm just going to stick with what I'm taking now.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, which has always been my weigh in day and "start of the week" day. It's like the typical person's "Monday". I really REALLY need to work on my diet--I've been all over the place as far as what I eat, when I eat, how much I eat. 

I want to develop habits! I used to eat the same things for breakfast and lunch (and my bedtime snack) and it was so helpful. Right now, I don't even feel like I know what foods I enjoy anymore.

Today, I was really craving roasted cauliflower, and I noticed we had broccoli in the fridge, too. So, I tossed them with some olive oil and parmesan cheese, and roasted them at 450 F for about 20 minutes. It was delicious! I literally ate half of the batch, which means half a head of cauliflower and a whole crown of broccoli. I wonder how bloated I'll feel tonight. Hahaha, I'm sure Jerry will be glad to go to work in the morning ;) 

roasted cauliflower and broccoli

Anyways, I really need to figure out a plan and stick with it for long enough to see results. My go-to is counting calories, and I know it will work. I just need to find the discipline within myself to stick to it long enough to form a "streak". Once I have a streak going, I am much more likely to stick to something!

(Oh! I'm working on the annual "Summer Run/Walk Challenge" (here is the one from 2018), so I'll get that posted soon--even if it seems early, summer is coming up fast!)

I got emails from several people saying that their masks have finally arrived... so if you are still waiting, it'll be there soon (I hope)! I'm going to draw names tomorrow for this second batch so that I can get them mailed out on Thursday. 

(By the way, here is tutorial for the masks I made, in case you want to give them a try on a sewing machine!)

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during this Groundhog Day that is Covid quarantine ;)


  1. Omg I can NOT eat broccoli, the gas pains I get from it are just not worth it! Lol. I don't mind the taste but dear god, my body hates it ;) This is totally starting to feel like groundhog day! I'm still going to work thankfully but its basically wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, repeat. Getting a little boring! I had to bake some cookies last night just for something to do ;)

    Glad to hear the kittens are adjusting well! I just love seeing your adorable pics of them!!

  2. Pro tip, drywallers do not use step ladders. They use stilts or staging because it's safer.

  3. Hi Katie,
    First just let me say, I love you and your blog. I wondered if you have ever read Chasing Cupcakes by Elizabeth Benton? I bought the book and than I also listened to it on audio-book. I am not paid to advertise for anyone but this book is changing my life, my habits and the author I think is just brilliant. She also has a podcast I listen to called Primal-potential. It may help with getting back on track.

    Hope you have a blessed day,


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