December 06, 2012

Weight Watchers 360 plan

Jerry must have read my blog post from yesterday, because I found this note from him on the mirror in the bathroom:

That put a big smile on my face!

I got dressed for a cold run, and then got the kids all ready for school. It's quite possible I was still asleep during my run today, because I don't remember much of anything about it! So weird. But I was dreading this run with a passion--I don't know why, but I just really wanted to skip out today. I thought of a million excuses not to do it, but excuses always lead to more excuses, so I knew I was going to get 'er done.

I even slept terribly last night, because I knew I was going to be running five miles in the morning when I didn't want to. Maybe that's why I don't remember much of my run! Anyway, I was scheduled for five miles at race pace (9:00/mi) and I had no intention of trying to push the pace--I would have been happy with nine minute miles, even though my previous race pace runs have been faster. I did an out-and-back route, and apparently I took a picture of myself when I returned:
(My plan was to have this be a wordless post--where I just took pictures of my day. But I quit before breakfast, because it was too much to think about. Maybe another day!)  Turns out that I ran faster than I'd planned on, despite being tired:

After my run, I jumped in the shower to get ready to head to Weight Watchers for my weigh-in and meeting. Since I'm in maintenance mode at WW, I don't want a big dip in my weight, so I just tried to make my weight the same as it was last week (with clothes and shoes and all that). The WW center got a new computer system last week, and when I saw my weight sticker, I thought the computer must not be very smart. I can do math in my head better than that:
Last weeks weight: 141.6; Today's weight: 141.5. That should be a loss of 0.1, right? Well, it said -1.5! I was confused, but since I didn't notice it until I got home, I figured I'd bring it up next week. What I think may have happened is that the computer uses my GOAL weight as the base, and then the +/- section is how far off of my goal I am...? My WW goal weight is 143, so 141.5 would be a loss of 1.5. That would make sense. Since I'm at goal, WW is only concerned with the fact that I stay at or below goal.

We got our materials for the 2013 plan, called Weight Watchers 360. From what I gathered, between WW Online, the meeting I attended today, and all the materials I've read, the 360 plan is the exact same plan as the 2012 PointsPlus plan. My leader said that the 360 plan is more about fitting WW into your lifestyle, but I didn't feel like anything was different.

I did buy a new 3-Month Journal, because that's how I log my food, and I really like the new design of it! It's bigger than the old one, but worth it when I see the layout.
2013 tracker vs. the 2012 tracker
This is new. Each week, you can plan out your meals in advance.

This is where you can plan your exercise for the week, and keep track of
your weekly points and activity points

These are the actual tracking pages to log your PP. I like that they have a
spot to distinguish between the daily, weekly, and activity points used (the
old planner didn't do this).

I had such a great time last night catching up with Stacie! She's had quite a bit going on recently, so it was good to hear from her. We sat at Tim Horton's for about two hours, and then we made plans to meet up again on Monday (that way we don't go another year between visits!)

For reference, Stacie is the friend that I suckered into coming to dropped everything to fly out to Minnesota with me in August 2010 to run the Ragnar Relay Great River! Neither one of us had a clue what we were getting into. My brother (a team captain) had a couple of people drop out last minute, so Stacie and I took their places on the team. We had a blast! (Although we definitely questioned what the heck we were doing there).
 I believe this is in St. Paul... but I'm not sure. We had been awake for 30 hours, and I'm surprised we were still standing!


  1. I don't really see a difference with the 360 plan either. The site looks different and they've added some different tools and features, but I've barely touched them. The plan itself is practically the same.

  2. That is THE cutest note from Jerry! What a sweetheart you have there :)

  3. I got the new planner too and I really like the planning aspects of it...I think that will help a lot.

  4. Love love the note Jerry gave you.

  5. I'd like to know where I can find a guy who's as sweet as Jerry!!! That note was adorable.

    I thought the same thing about the "new" WW 360. The name's not even that great lol However, I also like the new 3 month tracker and am going back tomorrow to pick it up. I didn't bring any extra money with me to the meeting because I'm always buying things I really don't need lol I'm going to make an exception to this though because I like it so much better than the old one.

    I wish they sold the new binders for the "kit" seperately because they are so cute! But I really don't need everything in them so I can't justify the $35 for it.

  6. That note from your husband is pretty awesome :)
    In completely unrelated news, there's an online discount code right now for Teavana. $10 off of order of $30+ plus a free sample if you enter code LOYALTEA. Plus shipping is free! Remembered you liked loose leaf tea, and thought you might like to know. About to go order some!

  7. Aww, what a sweet note and a terrific guy!

  8. Jerry is such a sweetheart! That is an adorable note :)

  9. RaeJean is right... It's the lift bridge over the St Croix River in Stillwater - one of my fave cities to waste time in!

  10. I had gone online to build a recipe to see the points plus value and I said to my fiancé, oh great.. they changed it again... but after my meeting my leader was like - no. not changed just incorporated the stuff we have been talking about (spaces, tracking and whatever else you talk about your first three weeks) into the everyday program... whateves. as long as I don't have to change my points again. I want the new tracker too.. I have 3 weeks our so left on my old one.. then I'll try to justify it. let us know how you like it!

    Jerry really is a sweetheart... isn't he?

  11. I think with 360 there's quite a lot of focus on behaviour, creating habits & managing your surroundings - but as these are already part of the programme anyway, not sure how it's that different. Probably they want a fresh look to celebrate 50 years & get more people to join? It hasn't arrived in NZ yet, but I was reading up about it online.

    Jerry is so awesome, what a sweet note :) He's right, too! You're fab.

  12. Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! ;-)

  13. I am officially in love with your husband <3 He is the sweetest!

  14. Jerry is a real sweetie. I hope my man leaves me notes like that after we get married (or even right now). At any rate, you are doing so awesome. You definitely are an inspiration (to me and so many others).

  15. That Jerry is a real sweetie! The two of you really round each other out!

  16. Jerry is so awesome! You are one lucky lady, and he is one lucky guy! ;)

  17. Jerry's note is being forwarded to my husband so he can be reminded that you can still be romantic and cute after so many years. Haa haa. Nice job, Jerry!

  18. Does Jerry have a brother? I'd be willing to divorce my husband. :P

  19. Have you thought of making a cover for the new Weight Watchers 360 tracker? Maybe selling them like you did the keychain? I noticed at the WW meetings they didn't have any covers yet!

  20. Wow! Looks like Jerry is a great source of support! That's wonderful!


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