December 16, 2012

Indiana, Day 1

Today has been pretty low key. I stayed away from watching any kind of news, and I'm glad. I just felt so awful yesterday, and watching the news made me feel even worse.

This morning, I was up early, and I've been kind of scared to run in the dark lately, so I got on the treadmill. On the schedule was four miles at an easy pace. I set up my computer in front of me, and just tried to forget I was running--not easy, when I really didn't want to run today! I kept increasing the speed throughout the run so that I could be done faster.
I guess that would no longer make it an "easy pace" run, but I really wanted to be done.

When I finished running, I packed for our trip to Indiana. Phoebe and Estelle helped me, obviously.
The cats knew something was going on, because they were all over me. A family friend is going to be house sitting/cat sitting while we're gone, so they won't be alone too long, but when we get the suitcases out, they know something is up.

We got on the road shortly after breakfast. The rental house is three hours from our house, so the ride wasn't too bad. My parents and younger brother, Nathan, were already there when we got there, and my sister arrived shortly after. We had a very relaxing afternoon, just hanging out and chit chatting.

My sister brought a little game for the kids to play. She wrapped a gift with many layers of wrapping paper and tape. Then the kids had to wear gloves (to make it harder to unwrap the gift); Eli started by rolling dice until he got doubles, and meanwhile, Noah was working on trying to unwrap the gift. When Eli got doubles, Noah had to pass the gift to Eli, and Eli had to try to unwrap it before Noah got doubles. And back and fourth, until the gift was unwrapped. A cute game for the kids!
There is a ton of food here. My dad, whom I got my sweet tooth from, brought doughnuts, Reese's Cups, Coffee Crisps (the full-sized ones!) and other stuff. My mom brought a ton of chips. But I don't want these few days to turn into the disaster that was Tennessee last year, when I gained all kinds of weight in this same situation.

Yesterday, I wrote out a meal plan for all three days, mapping out exactly what my meals and snacks are going to be. That way, I don't overdo anything, and I don't gain weight while I'm here. I bought running clothes to go for a run tomorrow and Tuesday. My mom made tacos for dinner, so I made my Mexican Lentils and Rice, and made a huge taco salad with it for 10 PointsPlus. (The PP would have been lower, if I had thought to bring my fat free sour cream and fat free cheese, but I had to use the full fat stuff that my mom brought).
It's been really hard to resist the candy--I just wrote about how much I love Coffee Crisps!--but I know that if I start, I won't stop. I was also worried about spending all of my PP on alcohol, but I decided to buy those little single-serving bottles of wine, and I brought six of them with me--to have two per day. I wanted to keep my routine here almost the same as at home, with just a little splurge. And my little splurge is an extra glass of wine each day ;)


  1. You're too funny. I had an easy 4 on the schedule today too. My pace? 11:30!

  2. That sounds great. I will need some help from you soon.

    I cant walk beyond 5.2...Your speed just astonishes me ;)

  3. Good job planning your food! And your taco salad looks to die for!

  4. Oh, those single serving bottles of wine are awesome! I don't drink wine at home very often, so I used to find myself throwing a half bottle away after letting it sit in the fridge for weeks, I can pop one or two of those little bottles in the fridge and enjoy a fresh glass of wine any time I feel like it! Love!! Hope you have a great getaway with your family! :)

  5. What a cute game for the boys! I may have to use that idea for my two oldest to play during break to get an early present.

    Good thinking on making a meal plan, I am failing terribly at that lately and need to get back on board with it. I find it is easier/harder to cheat. Easier cause I know how many calories I can push around. Harder because I want to keep to my plan as much as possible.

    Have a great time with your family all in one place for a few days!

  6. Sounds like a great day! I love the idea of the dice game, but who wound up with the gift and what was it? You left us hanging!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful family time! I bet your parents love having all you kids together for an extended period, not just running in and out for short periods of time. And your kids are the stars, since they're the only young ones! That has to be extra fun for you and Jerry!

    We rented a cabin at a state park two years ago when we celebrated our 40th anniversary. We had all the kids and grandkids and had a wonderful 2 1/2 days! We want to do it again sometime, but it is impossible to get the BIG cabin at this state park on a weekend. It is always booked!

    Have a great time with your wonderful family and Merry Christmas to you all!!!

  8. Good job with the meal plan. My question is how do you stick with it. If there are treats out I will just grab them without even thinking, I am just curious how to get past that. So hard!!!

  9. Your vacation to your parent's home sounds exactly like mine: full fat food all around! Are you ever frustrated at this? I certainly get discouraged at the unhealthy choices in their home, which I think explains why most of my family is overweight. I am proud of you for staying on track!

    1. Well, it was actually a rental house and my parents came with us. Normally, their house isn't THAT full of junk (but it's pretty close). My dad has a big sweet tooth, and doesn't have any concern for his health, so it's really difficult to be around that kind of food; but I just try to keep MY goals in mind, and ignore it. Sometimes it works, sometimes I cave in ;)

  10. Just wrapped up a small gift card in tons of layers of wrapping paper and within a few boxes! I'm going to have my boys and their friends do it Christmas Eve. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!!

  11. That game's a birthday party game over here (Germany)! You wrap a chocolate bar in layers and layers of paper, add some string or ribbons and the children have to wear a hat, scarf and gloves and then try to carve into the parcel with a knife and fork. Whenever somebody throws a six, they get a go, putting the clothes on as fast as possible so they can start cutting before they have to hand the clothes and cutlery to the next one with a six. Loved that game when I was little!


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