December 08, 2012

Coffee Crisp!

Today was a tough day for me as far as temptation goes. No run on the schedule this morning, so I had a pretty lazy morning. My dad came over, and dropped off some of the kids' stuff, and then he said that he had something for me. My dad is notorious for junk food, so I assumed he brought me a fun-sized Butterfinger from his treat jar (my favorite thing to grab when I go over there).

He was holding it behind his back, and the kids were trying to guess what it was. I could hear the wrapper, and said, "It's a Butterfinger." But I was wrong--it was even better than a Butterfinger. What's better than a Butterfinger?
Coffee Crisps!! I absolutely love these candy bars, but they are only available in Canada (as far as I know). So whenever someone in my family goes to Canada for whatever reason, they come back with a bunch of Coffee Crisps. My dad used to bring me back the ginormous-sized ones, but I think he was trying to do something nice without sabotaging me. (Although a small part of me wishes he'd brought the ginormous ones...haha!)

The kids got Christmas cards in the mail from my brother's ex-wife, with gift cards to Target. They were SO excited. They talked all day yesterday how they were going to spend them. So this afternoon, I took them to Target to spend their gift cards. I also wanted to get the stuff for a care package for a soldier in Afghanistan, and that was actually really fun to shop for.

I asked my little brother (Nathan) for some ideas, because he spent three years in Iraq. He said his favorite things to get were beef jerky, "real" toilet paper, magazines, and homemade cookies. I never would have thought toilet paper would make the list, but I bought the best quality toilet paper they had ;)  The hard part was the cookies.

I don't bake, because I can eat a whole batch of cookies (or a whole pie, cake, sheet of brownies, etc). So it's easiest for me not to bake. But I really wanted to include something homemade in the care package, so I decided to make my very favorite oatmeal cookies. (Yes, the ones I almost ralphed when I decided to run them off last summer). I made a full batch, which is three dozen cookies. And since this particular soldier likes M&M's, I used those instead of chocolate chips.

I took a tiny taste of the dough, and it was soooo good. My good intentions went out the window, and I ate about 5 pinches of dough. I guesstimated it to be about 12 PointsPlus worth. When I realized it was getting out of control, I stopped what I was doing and went and brushed my teeth really well, so that I would have a minty mouth and cookies wouldn't taste good--or at least that's what I told myself. But it worked, I didn't touch any more of the dough, and I didn't eat a single cookie once they were baked. They were VERY tempting, however!

I packaged up as many of them as I could fit into the box I was preparing, and the kids and Jerry each ate a few. Now they are gone. I wasn't even hungry for dinner after that, so I just counted the cookies as dinner and moved on. Not the best choice, but stuff like that happens once in a while. I handled it much better than if I had binged!

Chandler is cracking me up. He and Phoebe were fighting, so I put him on the third level of the cat tree (he usually only goes on the second level, because it doesn't have sides and he can actually fit). He thought it was awesome being up there on level three!
And to my surprise, he got comfortable...
He looks kind of like a overfilled muffin--when the top gets so big that it spills over sides. He actually slept like that for a while.

Well, tomorrow is the big day for me. Sub-26 or bust! The race is at 3:00 in the afternoon, which means I'm going to be a nervous wreck all day. But I hope I'm feeling my best tomorrow and ready to run hard enough to puke.


  1. Good for you for handling the cookies so well. It's so easy to say, "What the heck, I've already eaten this I might as well eat a ton more." Brushing your teeth is a good idea!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! And thats the first cat muffin top, Ive ever seen!

  3. Good luck at the race tomorrow!! And how amazing to send a care package. You have a big heart. :)

  4. Coffee crisp is one of my least favourite chocolate bars ;)
    I'd rather eat cookie dough over backed cookies any day! It's probably one of my biggest temptations and I love to bake :(

    good luck tomorrow!

  5. I had no idea coffee crisps are only available up here, I love them. The more you know. lol

  6. The cookies look delish! I made peanut butter cookies for my family yesterday, I picked peanut butter because peanut butter and I don't get a long so I didn't touch the dough or cookies. Chandler is a funny guy! I posted a pic on my blog today of my dog trying to squeeze into a small box. Animals make me laugh! Good luck on the race tomorrow.

  7. Katie can you please post that cookie recipe!!!!:) it looks awesome and I'm forever hunting for good oatmeal cookies for Christmas gifts!!

  8. I live in the US but very close to Canada and there are some smaller, non-chain stores here that sell Coffee Crisps! Maybe you will have luck at a store like that.

  9. Good luck with your race!

  10. I had a very similar issue with cookies this week. I didn't fair so well. :( I have put the remaining in the freezer which helps me forget about them and then I have to take another step to get at them.

    I have a deep love Cadbury Flakes, but can never find them except at Disney World or speciality shops. I think I would have a hard time if I could buy them easily!

    Good luck on the race!

  11. I am Canadian. Those are one of my very favorite bars! The very best is the Macintosh toffee and caremello twists. Way to keep it small!

  12. I'm trying to decide between a trip to Quebec or Montreal next year for our International trip we take each year. The Coffee Crisps just might have put me over the hump on the decision. ;-) (Although the wine in Argentina is tempting, but I CAN get that here...)

    I also don't bake for the same reasons as you! Good tip with the cookie dough. That's a tough one.

    Good luck on your race today!

  13. I am not a huge chocolate bar person and I LOVE coffee crisp!! It is a good thing I can't buy them in texas and only get them when i go home to Canada to visit!
    Good luck on the race..can't wait to hear how you did!!

  14. I still think you can do it, even if it's 3 minutes per mile faster.

  15. You're right Coffee Crisp is amazing!

    Good luck with your race!

  16. Good luck on the run! I loved buying stuff for my bro-in-law for his most recent deployment! It is fun!

  17. I've never heard of Coffee Crisp bars, but I think I would like them. I'm a chocolate chip cookie lover too, and I haven't made any lately because I know I will eat them. My strategy is going to be to make a smaller batch that only makes 24. By the time I share them with my family there won't be many left.
    Chandler looks hysterical but as if he's thoroughly enjoying life on a higher level of the cat tree :)

  18. I totally brush my teeth sometimes to stop me from eating! Usually at night before I relax so I don't snack. Works most of the time for me!

  19. I am from Canada originally and live in Tennessee. I to am a fan of the coffee crisp and stock pile when can.

  20. I know about Coffee Crisps because my mom's extended family is from Canada. I truly believe they are one of the best foods ever invented and for that reason, I am glad I do not live in Canada! :-)


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