December 07, 2012

10 miles followed by Biscoff spread

I've discovered that I dread any run that's more than four miles. Fridays are my long run days, so today I was scheduled for 10 miles. I really wanted to get warm and cozy under my electric blanket and watch Lifetime movies all day, but I knew that wasn't going to happen ;)

I procrastinated for a little bit after the kids left for school, but finally dragged myself out the door. It was cold, but thankfully not rainy and cold, like the weather app predicted. Running in the rain doesn't bother me, but at 35 degrees, it would have been kind of miserable. I chose a route that I've never run before--basically five miles in one direction, and turn around and come back. I would be running on busier roads the entire time (which I like, because it's generally safe from dogs). I hoped trying a new route would distract me from the fact that I was running 10 miles.

As soon as I started running, I felt a weird cramp in my side--awesome. I hoped that it would go away soon, and just kept running. After about 3/4 of a mile, it started to sprinkle. Even more awesome. I started saying, "Please don't rain until after my run!" and naturally, the sprinkles turned into actual rain. I debated whether I should keep going or turn around and finish on the treadmill. I didn't dress for a wet run. I decided to keep going, and since I was going to be passing a recreation center at about mile four, I could just go inside and call for a ride if the rain was too bad.

The new route was the perfect distraction, and I actually was enjoying it. I refused to look at my Garmin the entire time, because I didn't want to push my pace--my race is on Sunday, so I want my legs to feel good. Unusual/interesting things I saw along the way, in order that I saw them:
  • A man in his underwear taking a pizza box out to the trash (he looked totally embarrassed when he saw that I was running by, haha)
  • A used condom
  • A hypodermic needle
  • A dead rabbit :(
  • A homemade bong
  • Another hypodermic needle
So based on my run this morning, one would think that I was running through the ghetto.

I felt surprisingly good after the first few miles. It helped that I wasn't concerned about my pace. Last week, my nine-mile run felt rough. I was pushing it, and I felt tired. Then at the end, I had to run super hard to get a sub-9:30 pace. Since today's run felt rather easy, I was guessing it was about a 10:15/mi pace. I was shocked when I stopped my watch and saw that I ran done a 9:30 average pace! I don't know what was different between last week and this week, but I was happy to see that I felt so good while running that pace.
I love how consistent my splits were! It's hard to do that even when I'm trying to.

I went grocery shopping after I showered. While I was there, I have no idea what possessed me, but I decided to buy a frozen meal for lunch. I despise frozen meals, and probably eat only one a year. I saw them in the display case, and I thought, "I wonder if they've gotten any better since the last time I tried one?" They were on sale, so I ended up buying one.
When I got home, I threw it in the microwave for four minutes, and it was done. After stirring it up, it looked like this:
It was 8 PointsPlus, which seemed like a lot for such a tiny amount of food. I kept thinking how I could cook something that tasted better, was cheaper, and a bigger portion--but I wanted to give it a chance.

Eh. It was okay. I wouldn't buy it again. It was pretty bland, and tasted like all the other frozen meals (it's weird how they all taste the same!)

Yesterday, I kept thinking about my ten-miler today and how I could buy a yummy treat to have after the run. I earned 12 PointsPlus, so I was excited to "spend" them on something good. But after the run, nothing really sounded good. Even at Kroger, I didn't see anything that sparked my interest.

But then it hit me in the late afternoon, and I knew the perfect way to spend the activity points--the last of the Biscoff spread! I did check how much was in there before eating it, because I wanted to make sure I was able to count the PP in it. There were 5 Tbsp. left (I usually eat 2 Tbsp at a time, which is a big spoonful). I happily savored every lick, and thoroughly cleared out the jar:
That was 11 PP, so it was the perfect amount for after my run. (Yes, Biscoff spread is pure junk food, but that's why I run!) I don't think I'll be buying another jar, though. I did great with this jar--I didn't binge at all--but I couldn't stop thinking about it, and it was driving me crazy. Knowing it was in the cupboard was taunting. It was great while it lasted, and I'm really happy I was able to go through a whole jar without bingeing, but now I'm fine with not buying more.

By the way, Jerry loved the reading your comments on my last post. I told him that he should write another guest post, and he said he wasn't sure what he should write about. So if anyone has questions for him, just leave a comment and he can do a Q&A post :)


  1. I actually do have a question for Jerry, if he feels like answering it sometime :)

    I once asked my husband how he could live with someone who was 335lbs (me!). How could he live with someone who was morbidly obese, who was eating their life away and was clearly addicted to food? Now I know that's a personal and difficult question. Or.. was it ever hard to see Katie larger? Not that you didn't love her, but was it hard to know that she could develop complications one day due to being overweight like heart disease, diabetes or even death?

    If it's too personal I understand :) It's just an interesting insight from his point of view. I think my husband said that it's easy to ignore what you don't want to address. Also, if you where to talk to me about weight loss I was NOT hearing it. It was a great way to start a fight.

  2. I had the same frozen dinner for dinner tonight and had the same thoughts as you. I stopped at Walmart after work and saw them on sale and thought why not. Was surprised it was 8 points and even more surprised how little you got. I have been making a lot of meals from (all recipes include the points plus) which have lower points and larger servings. Funny we had the same experience today.

  3. I feel the same way about frozen meals, can't stand them! I have one in the freezer *in case of emergency*. It's been there for months. Those were some interesting things you saw on your run...

  4. I buy Charlie frozen meals for him to bring to work. He rotates leftovers, the meals and cans of soup for lunch. He rarely bring sandwiches, although he will eat them at home. He just really likes hot food. I prefer to buy him the HC or WW brands over Stouffer's or Banquet because they're a bit healthier for him. I try and get him the higher calorie meals since he's on his feet 10 hours a day. He winds up with a lot of lasagnas and pasta with meatballs. Him bringing lunch is WAY cheaper and healthier than buying it!

  5. I am not a fan of most frozen or canned food at all - and yet I can crave Taco Bell on occasion! So it isn't a health thing apparently. I just don't care of the taste. Frozen veggies and sausage are my exception.

    I want to hear if Jerry has been running lately! Does Jerry read any blogs outside of yours? if so - what are they?

  6. I always think those Healthy Choice Meals taste bland, but was hoping the Top Chef one would be different. Now I don't have to waste my time/money on one. ;-)

    As for the biscoff spread, I am in LOVE, too. And I know, pure junk food - but I try to spread it on apples so it feels a *little* healthy.

  7. You make me want to try that Biscoff stuff!

    Great job on the run ...those consistent splits are impressive!


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