December 14, 2012

Starvin' like Marvin

Last night was fun! My kids had two events to choose from--their school was having an open house for Christmas, so the families could go and play games and see Santa and all that; and my aunt had invited us to go decorate cookies at her house. When I asked the kids what they wanted to do, they both said they wanted to go decorate cookies. I thought that was cute, and told my aunt how much they love going over there.

Eli was 100% better yesterday, no issues at all with his stomach. I'm glad, and just hoping it stays that way!

I was debating what to do about dinner last night--I knew my aunt would have food, but it wouldn't be very WW friendly. I had a CLIF bar before I left, and then at her house, I planned to not eat anything. There were cupcakes and a zillion cookies, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, and tortellini soup. I could pass on it all, but the cookies were really tempting.

I finally decided to make a small one, load it up with frosting, and just estimate the PP in it. I ended up eating another half of one after that, but I'm happy I didn't go all-out and stuff my face with them.
Noah was eating his as fast as he could make them ;)

My mom said she would drive the boys home so that I could go to the Advent Tea that Renee had invited me to at her church. I left my aunt's house and went right to the church. There was more temptation--Biscoff cookies!!, and a lemon tart that Renee had made (plus tons of other desserts that I didn't even go look at). I put a two-pack of the Biscoff cookies in my purse to take home for later, and then was trying to decide if I should have a piece of the lemon tart.

I ultimately decided to have a piece, and look up the PP later. What's the point of being at goal if I can't enjoy these things? I ate a piece of the tart, and it was delicious! (When I looked up the PP later, I saw that it was 12!! That's a lot.) The tea was fun though, and it was nice to chat with adults for a couple of hours ;)
This was Renee's table--in front, Renee, me, Jessica, and Kerry; in back
is Stephanie and Andrea (photo from Stephanie)

Jerry was off work today, so after the kids left for school, we had breakfast. Oatmeal with caramel, chocolate chips, and coconut...
I was hoping the carbs would help fuel me for my long run this morning. This is scheduled to be a step-back week (reduced mileage), so my long run was supposed to be seven miles. But since I'm going to Indiana for a few days, and I'm going to want to have extra PointsPlus to use there, I decided to run 11 miles instead. After last week's 10-miler, I was actually kind of looking forward to another long run on my new route.

I turned on Jillian Michaels' new podcast on my iPod, and headed out for an out-and-back run. After about a half-mile, I really had doubts about finishing. I normally run on an empty stomach, and I think maybe the fact that I ate before heading out made me feel crappy. I was debating in my head for a couple of miles whether to turn around, and I figured I could turn around at the 3.5 mile mark if I wanted, and just do 7 miles after all.

After mile three, I started to feel a little better. Not great, but certainly more bearable. I turned around at mile 5.5, and then at mile 8 or so, I was hit with a horrible hunger. I never feel hungry when I run, but this was awful. My stomach hurt badly from being so hungry! I was hoping Jerry would drive by to check on me or something, so I could hitch a ride (I should have brought my phone). The last couple of miles dragged, but my pace was great! My current half-marathon PR pace is 9:23/mi, so I was on pace for a half-marathon PR. With some more work, I can get my sub-2:00 half-marathon time.

When I got home and heard the beep of 11 miles, I ran into the house and started making a protein shake before I even showered. I threw some almond milk, protein powder, frozen raspberries, blueberries, and spinach, and some lemon and orange flavored Stevia (I'm working on a review for these, which I will post soon--I love them so far!) in the blender. It was really, really good! But it wasn't very pretty, that's for sure:
I showered, and was still hungry, so I had lunch immediately after (an omelet and some toast with peanut butter), and the Biscoff cookies from the tea last night. And later, Jerry and I got a vanilla cone from McDonald's. They did a good job with the cone today--we always look forward to seeing how our cones will look ;)
Today was one of those days where I just felt ravenous all day. Good thing I opted for 11 miles instead of 7, because I could surely use the extra PP!

I had all of the above written before I heard the news about the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. I normally keep my blog pretty light-hearted, but I was completely heartbroken today when I heard about it. I feel absolutely horrible for the families of those poor kids. Please keep the families in your thoughts and/or prayers this Christmas. I can't even begin to imagine how heartbroken they feel right now.


  1. As the news unfolds, it makes less and less sense. No one will ever know why.

  2. That mickey d's cone looks delish!

    And yes this latest tragedy is horrible. I was at work when I heard and I just wanted to rush home to hold my girls.

  3. oh and i can't wait for that stevia review...lemon and orange? sounds wonderful!


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