December 21, 2012

A very long treadmill run

Well, the world obviously didn't end today, but it was certainly a miserable day for a long run! One look outside, and I immediately thought, "Do I have to?" There were 25 mph winds and freezing rain--because of the wind, the rain looked like it was moving completely horizontal instead of falling from the sky. I could hear the wind, and started debating in my head whether it would be more miserable to run my 12 miles outside or on the treadmill.

I ultimately chose to run on the treadmill.

But first, I made breakfast. I added peanut butter to my favorite concoction today, and it was the perfect addition:
For those of you that have asked, these are the measurements I use... I cook 30 grams of quick-cooking oats in water (just 90 seconds in the microwave); then I top it with 13 grams of Marzetti fat-free caramel dip, 14 grams of peanut butter, 7 grams of shredded coconut, and 7 grams of mini chocolate chips. This bowl was 8 PointsPlus (it's 6 PP without the peanut butter).

After procrastinating a while longer, I finally set up the treadmill for a long run--laptop with Netflix turned to Bones (I'd never seen it, so I started watching from Season 1), water bottle, fan. I was debating between running just 7 miles or doing the whole 12 (or somewhere in-between). Running 12 miles on a treadmill is pure torture; so I decided that I could quit after 9 (the length of my longest Ragnar leg). But once I got that far, I decided that a few more miles wouldn't hurt, and I would be super proud for sticking it out.

I set the treadmill to 6.4 mph and just left it there until mile 12, when I started increasing every minute, then every 30 seconds, just to get done.

I was so happy to be done! Strangely, my legs didn't feel tired or sore or anything--and this is the longest run I've done since my marathon. That means I either should have been going faster, or the treadmill is just much easier on my joints. But regardless, I burned 1,051 calories, so I was happy with that :)

Renee and I had plans to get together for wine tonight, so I was counting on all my activity PointsPlus to allow me half a bottle of wine (11 PP). But she ended up having to reschedule, so I found myself with a lot of extra PP after dinner. I don't have to use them today, but I usually like to use my activity PP on the days that I earn them. So I'll probably have an extra snack tonight, most likely involving peanut butter.

Eli was building a fort for his Army guys, when Estelle decided that he was done:
Eli has been really into Army-everything for a couple of years now. His favorite gift that he's ever gotten was actually an $11 bucket of soldiers. And he can never have enough! Whenever he gets money, he buys more. And just as I was typing this, he brought me a note that he wrote on a sucker wrapper...
"From Eli; I want for Christmas some Army guys." We bought him a big bucket of soldiers, plus a bunch of Army vehicles, so I think he'll be pretty happy.

Jerry bought me something for Christmas this year (usually, we don't exchange gifts with each other), so this weekend, I have to go get him something. I have absolutely no idea what to get him, though! He keeps telling me that he put a lot of thought into my gift, so I'm feeling the pressure ;)


  1. I'm glad you posted the recipe to your breakfast oats. I've been wanting to try them.

    The note from Eli is SO adorable :)

  2. WOW! The treadmill is torture for me too but you are my new inspiration if I ever have to do that long of a run on it! AMAZING WORK!!!!!

  3. That oatmeal concoction looks sooo yummy! Might have to try that.

    Very nice job on the treadmill! That's a long time on the tread, i think my longest was 10 or something and it felt like forever!

  4. My husband and I haven't done gifts for a few years either. We just do our stockings and that's it. I do miss the presents though. ;)
    I actually talked my husband into getting me a treadmill for my birthday! I'm super excited because I have had a bad stress fracture on my left foot and it's been hard to find an exercise that I can do that won't hurt. I had been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and liked it, but it was too much for my foot. I'm looking forward to getting back into exercising and hopefully getting rid of all the baby weight that I have accumulated.

  5. Longest run I have ever done on the 'mill was 11 miles and it took me just over two hours. I certainly felt that one!

    Thanks for the tip a while back on the Jillian podcasts - I started listening to some while cooking, running etc...they are very good! Makes time to faster and is motivational!

  6. You have amazing mental stamina to stay on a treadmill for that long. I ran outside in the wind and rain today because the treadmill is not even an option for me for 6 miles--- let alone for 12 MILES! Holy cow! I got Mr J a few cold- weather items (we've lived in the Middle East for 2 years so we didn't need anything warm) for his triathlon training, but stupid international shipping-- ordered a month ago, still not here!! Argh!

  7. I find if I listen to music then the treadmill run really sucks. But if I listen to a podcast it's usually waaay easier. I can't wait until spring rolls around!

  8. We always exchange gifts, except this year, since our trip to Miami will be our gifts!

  9. That is a priceless little note;)

  10. Your breakfast oatmeal looks delectable! Oh man, I will definitely be trying that! Hope Christmas was wonderful and Eli got all of the army men that he wanted :)


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