September 30, 2023

Saturday Night Photos

When I sat down to write my post yesterday, I realized I only had a few photos on my phone, so I didn't end up doing my usual Friday Night Photos. Today I grabbed the camera to take a picture of one of the squirrels and I remembered that I had taken a few photos on the camera last week... so here goes. Saturday Night Photos.

Below is one of those pictures of me that Jerry takes when I don't know it. Yesterday, he told me that The Bachelor had a new season called The Golden Bachelor. Probably 15 years ago, my sister said that they should make a "Bachelor for old people"--people that were retired or otherwise up there in age and looking for love. I thought it was a cute idea! I've only seen about three seasons of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, and I don't remember the last one I watched--probably 15 years ago!--but when Jerry said there was The Golden Bachelor on Hulu, I insisted we watch it RIGHT NOW. I don't know why I was so excited for it.

Not even three minutes into the first episode, I was totally choked up and I knew I was going to be a mess. Jerry finds it hilarious that I'm so sensitive (it's not unusual for me to cry at the simplest tug of a heartstring) so I put my hood up and told him not to watch me. Hahaha, so he took this photo.

I think The Golden Bachelor will be so refreshing! The Golden Bachelor is 71 years old, a widower with two daughters, and in great physical shape. Considering the women chosen to be on the show are all at least 60 years old, I think the whole dynamic of the show will change a bit. They have a lot of life experience and they know what they want. I can't imagine it getting as catty as the regular Bachelor seasons. But who knows? I'm not going to watch another episode until the entire show has aired; streaming has spoiled me in that I can't wait a week between shows when I'm really interested.

Even though I have a million pictures of Duck sleeping on my head/neck/shoulder, I still take selfies when he does it. This one made me laugh because of the look on his face. I think Chick was in the cat bed above us and it caught Duck's attention.

When two of the cats both want to sit on my lap, they play nice with each other so that I don't kick them off. I couldn't believe how big Duck looks next to Estelle! (Estelle was there first, and then Duck snuck VERY slowly up behind her to avoid waking her.)

When I was making some seitan recently, it called for white beans. I decided to save the liquid (called aquafaba) and try out a recipe that I saw in a cookbook. It sounded SO odd to me, but apparently, you can whip aquafaba like you would egg whites--into a meringue-like texture or whipped cream. To make it, you just add aquafaba, sugar, vanilla extract, and a pinch of cream of tartar to a stand mixer and let it go for 10-15 minutes. I was extremely skeptical, but it actually worked! This picture was about 10 minutes in. I have no idea what to do with it, but it was a fun experiment.

I hardly ever make bread, but I was in the kitchen today for several hours cooking all sorts of stuff--I have been really into cooking lately! And since I was making chili in the crock pot, I decided to make some crusty bread to go with it. Look how good this looks... it is, by far, the best looking bread I've ever made.

And this was the chili. Jerry said chili sounded good to eat during the football game this afternoon. I put four different kinds of beans in it--it was delicious.

This is one of my favorite squirrels. He's super friendly--not at all shy--and I have to actually be careful not to open the door too far or I'm afraid he'll come right in the house. Today, he kept dramatically looking through the screen door until he got my attention. Then I'd give him a walnut and he'd go bury it quickly, and then repeat this over and over. He probably got 10 of them today.

I desperately wanted to get a picture of Chick and Joey without Joey noticing. I didn't have my phone with me in the kitchen, and I knew if I walked past them into the living room for my phone, Joey would jump up. So I grabbed the camera by the back door and hid in the pantry to take pictures. As soon as the shutter clicked from the first picture, Joey looked up--he knew I was looking at him. And he stared me down while I took several more pictures, haha. 

Chick ADORES Joey, and thankfully, Joey tolerates Chick sleeping on him, hugging him, and even play-biting his neck. 

I think I posted this already, but I thought it looked kind of cool. I was returning from my morning run around the block and Jerry had just gotten home. He was standing in the driveway taking pictures. The red light is from my headlamp. I had already let Joey off of his leash so he could run to Jerry.

Jerry and Noah went to a wrestling event a couple of nights ago. I'm not sure what the look on Noah's face is all about, but you can see that he recently got snake bite piercings. I was not thrilled about the idea, but I can keep my mouth shut and be happy that it's not a tattoo ;) 

Eli and his girlfriend, Ava, went to homecoming last weekend. I can't believe it's his senior year already! His freshman year was during lockdown, and that doesn't seem very long ago.

I took a couple of quick pictures before he left to pick up Ava, and I love this one. He rarely smiles a big smile like this, which is unfortunate, because he's such a good-looking kid. He's so grown up!

I posted this picture earlier as well, but I think it's funny. The cats are so fascinated when I stretch/foam roll on the living room floor. The second I sit down, they are all over me. Duck always manages to put his butt right in my face. 

And that's all I've got. Have a great Sunday! xo


  1. The Golden Bachelor is the sweetest thing!! It’s so refreshing. My husband was choked up several times watching it. I also haven’t watched the bachelor/bachelorette in a while but I am hooked on this!

    1. Me too! That’s so cute about your husband. I love that you are watching it together :)

  2. I love your relationship with the squirrels. Some people think they're pests. I adore them.


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