September 28, 2023

Three Things Thursday: Fall

I really need to make a list of all of the "Three Things Thursday" topics I've done. When I try to come up with an idea each week, I can't remember if I've already done it or if I've just thought about it. A couple of times, I've even written the post before I realize I've already written about it before, haha.

Today is such a perfect fall day. It's been overcast and kind of drizzly on and off all day, and the temp is perfect for wearing a hoodie and jeans. This is my very favorite time of year, by far, and it never fails to lift my mood. With today really feeling like fall, it got me in the fall mood... so I thought I'd write about three things that I hope to do this season.

1. Bury a time capsule with my family.

I bought a time capsule ages ago (literally probably four years ago) and we still haven't put things together to bury in it. With my kids being so grown up, I don't want to waste another year without putting together this time capsule; I think it will be a fun thing for us to do together. I have no idea when we'll open it--we'll have to come up with a date or event--but it's fun to think about what we can put in there!

2. Watch football.

This is something I never in a million years expected to be interested in! Jeanie taught me the basics in the summer and when I watched my first game a couple of weeks ago, I actually really got into it. I've watched a couple more games since then and I found myself acting like a "real" football fan--covering my eyes (but peeking a little) at the really nerve-racking parts, yelling "Go go go go!", jumping up in excitement and, being me, tearing up a little when a rookie got his first NFL touchdown.

I'm writing this as I'm waiting for the Lions game to start, actually! Jerry and Noah went to a wrestling event, and Eli is at work. I find it so funny that I'm home alone and I'm *voluntarily* watching football. I've lost my damn mind! Hahaha.

I have no recollection of the reason behind this family photo in 2017, but I was told to wear a Lions shirt.

3. Go apple picking.

I feel like I'm probably the only person in Michigan to never have picked apples at an orchard (or maybe I have and just don't remember?). I know Jerry would love to go, and we'll force invite the kids to go as well. And of course, I romanticize the idea of making applesauce, baking an apple pie for my dad, and maybe making a vegan apple cobbler.

(I just opened my photos app to look for a picture of some sort to go with this post and found a picture of the fake apple that my dad attached to the apple tree in my yard a few years ago! That was hilarious and one of the most random things he's ever done. You can read the story here. I just realized I didn't update that post to show that after I replaced the apple with an orange, my dad then retaliated with a ginormous fake apple--see below)

I wish we had this fall weather year-round. I'm hoping we get a lot of these days this fall!


  1. I love fall 🍂🍁 too. I'm in Tennessee and the leaves are changing colors and so much cooler weather!

  2. I have no problem reading "repeat" topics! Some things are worth repeating. Heck, I might not even recognize it as a repeat of it's been a while 🤭

  3. I watched the game last night too but unfortunately as a Packer fan, it didn't go so great for us! ;) I love apple picking but you really have to pick the right temperature! Too hot and you're miserable and sweating and there's bees literally everywhere! Lol. But too cold and it doesn't feel like a fun fall activity! Or maybe that's just me being picky hahaha! Some homemade applesauce does sound amazing though!

  4. Going to the apple orchards is big here too. Many offer baked goods, crafts & some offer wine tasting. We go at least once a year. We love honey crisp best.


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