September 11, 2023

The One Where Jerry Let His Guard Down

I started to write out a post about a weight maintenance habit that I've found helpful, but when this incident that I'm about to share happened, I just HAD to post this instead! I'll save the other for tomorrow.

Jerry has a meeting tomorrow for work, and it's kind of a big deal. He's been really nervous about it, and he usually doesn't get nervous about these things. A lot of the "higher ups" in his company will be there and he's going to be meeting a lot of new people.

A few days ago, he asked me if I'd cut his hair before he goes, and I said sure. Last night, I guess he wanted to impress me (?) by cutting his own hair. We all know how that went not once--but TWICE--before. He used the clippers to cut his hair with a #8 (which leaves hair about one inch long). After showering, he saw some loose hairs and grabbed the clippers to trim them.

He forgot to replace the guard on the clippers, however, and began shaving with no guard at all. It only took a moment to realize what was happening, but by then it was too late.

January 2020

We laughed so hard! Surely, it would be a big lesson and he would never again to forget to put the guard on. Right?

On Christmas day of 2020, Jerry decided again to cut his own hair. We'll skip to the point. HE DID IT AGAIN. This time, in an even more conspicuous place on his head.

December 2020

I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face and I insisted I take a video of him explaining how it happened. Again. (The video is below)

We were quarantined due to the pandemic, so we took entertainment wherever we could get it. And this was funny! It is pretty much guaranteed that there is NO CHANCE that he'd ever make that mistake again. How could you not learn from doing that two times? First, I would definitely stop cutting my own hair. And if I *did* cut my own hair, I would triple check that the guard was on before going anywhere near my scalp.

Last night, I was in the bedroom while Jerry was in the bathroom and I heard the clippers running. I almost went in to ask if he wanted me to cut his hair, but I figured he would have asked if he wanted me to. I continued reading my book, and a little while later, I heard something (the clippers) fall to the floor and several expletives coming out of Jerry's mouth.

I wondered what he had dropped or broken or whatever. Then the door flew open and he stood there in the doorway, looking pissed. With a bald stripe down the middle of his head.

I tried to keep a straight face, but it lasted all of two seconds before I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it! That made Jerry laugh, too. I could not believe this had happened THREE TIMES.

We had a good laugh about it while I took the pictures that were now frequent enough to call tradition, and then Jerry had no choice to but to shave the rest of his head. If there is one thing we both agree on, it's that he doesn't really have the look to pull off a shaved head.

I feel terrible that this happened before his meeting tomorrow. I told him that he should just make a joke about it from the very beginning so that he's not self-conscious of it. His bosses will probably get a good laugh! He put on his glasses, hoping that will distract somewhat from his head, but... well, he's just got wait for it to grow out.

For anyone thinking of cutting their own hair with clippers, Jerry has this advice: "Never let your guard down."


  1. Oh poor Jerry. I have to disagree though. Shaved heads on guys look great. Like military. Tell Jerry he looks good either way and not to be self conscious. Oh and thanks again for the laugh. Katie you need to glue that guard on so he can't even take it off 🤣.

  2. Omg, not sure why but when I tried to watch the explanation of Jerry's haircut error, it came up with the video of him trying to say the name Bartholomew. I have tears from laughing so hard!

  3. I'm sure he feels self conscious about it, but there's really no need to mention or explain it or draw attention to it before the meeting. Speaking as someone who works in a professional environment and is a supervisor for many employees, he should just act like it's his regular hair cut choice. I doubt his supervisors would be rude enough to make a comment about it with a group of other higher ups. It's actually really out of line for supervisors to comment on employee appearance choices (unless they are something that is out of dress code or a safety issue). Just walk in there with confidence and carry on with the meeting. Plenty of people shave their heads for lots of reasons, and it's a perfectly normal hair choice. Hope his meeting goes well.

  4. Oh no! Seriously what are the chances of that happening again?! This might be the most obvious one out of all 3 times though! ;) Honestly though I think Jerry looks great with the bald look! He can totally pull it off! Wishing him good luck on the meeting!!

  5. Jerry, I think you pull off the bald look just fine! My husband has been threatening to shave his head because his hair line is receding. I'm sure it's a shock at first, but it looks fine! I'd just hope it grows back before the weather gets too cold.

  6. Oh dear. Big hugs, Jerry and also HAHAHAHAHA! Good luck to him in the meeting.

  7. With your lead-in, I *knew* he must have done it again...but it's still hilarious! Right down the middle! He should have left it and confidently told them he was wearing a reverse-mohawk. LOL!!! But seriously, I don't think he looks bad with the bald head. Obviously it's very different but if I didn't know him, I wouldn't think anything about it. Good luck for his meeting!

  8. He looks great. His beautiful smile has always been his best feature! It is kinda funny. Hope the meeting went well. My husband actually has me shave his head just like that (with clippers and no guard) every 3 or 4 weeks. Although he says our daughter does it better so she does it if she is home from college.

  9. Oh my heck! This is giving me Steve from Blue's Clues vibes! Have you seen him lately? He looks just like this! Lol!


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