September 18, 2023

Looking Up

I hope this doesn't jinx anything, but our bad luck finally made a turn yesterday. Eli bought a car!

He only started saving money for one a few months ago (even though I'd been pushing him to for a couple of years now!) so he didn't have a lot of money saved. My parents' neighbor/friend asked my dad if he would want to buy his Volvo--he didn't want to bother with Facebook Marketplace or anything (I despise selling things via Marketplace--it's much more hassle than it's worth, most of the time).

The neighbor said he'd give my dad a super good deal on it. It's old--2008--but only two years older than our Patriot that was totaled in May. And it's in perfect condition! It even has brand new tires, which probably cost more than the $500 Eli paid for the car. My dad, being an auto mechanic, checked it out and told Eli that it's the deal of a lifetime. Eli jumped on it, and having saved up his money, was able to buy it.

I always rely on my dad for advice on anything car-related, and my biggest concern is always going to be whether it's safe. He assured me that it's very safe for Eli to drive, so I'm excited for Eli. He's thrilled!

AND, now that Eli has his own car, we don't have to worry about rushing to get another vehicle. We're STILL waiting on the check from the insurance company (from the Renegade), and we'd been planning to use that toward a truck for Jerry. I don't *need* a car, and Jerry can continue driving the Edge, so I'd rather just save the insurance check for later. I'd like Jerry to get his truck, but at least now we don't feel like we have to rush. When he finds a good deal on one that he likes, we'll be able to make a huge down payment with the insurance check.

This car couldn't have come at a better time, and it feels like such a blessing. I'm trying to stay cautious about getting too excited, though, because of how the entire past year has been for us ;)

I'm going to cut this short. I have a killer headache and nothing is helping!


  1. Yay! That's so awesome for Eli and you guys!! Congrats!! Ugh I hope your headache feels better! I had a killer migraine on Sunday :( It usually happens to me when the barometric pressure dips too low and sure enough, it was low on Sunday. The worst!

  2. That is an amazing deal on the car. My husband drove a Volvo in college and it had like 250k miles on it when we sold it to buy his first truck. His brother in law drove it like another 50k miles (maybe more). They are very safe. I'm so pleased for all of you. And good for him saving up for it.

  3. I've had four Volvo station wagons. I hope to never drive anything else. They fabulous, safe, durable cars. We call it my wagon the truck because we haul so much in it.


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