October 04, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 123

As you may have noticed, I didn't write Monday or Tuesday. And I had no real reason not to! I've had kind of an odd week (or week and a half, actually). My mood was different, and I don't really know how to describe it. Not depressed or anything, but just maybe unmotivated?

Last night, it hit me that it started after my appointment with my psychiatrist last week; we'd changed the dose of one of my medications. Nothing major, but I'm glad to actually see a reason for my odd mood. It's been noticeably better for a few days now, so maybe I'm adjusted.

Overall, compared to the past year, I've been in a much better mood than I have in a long time. My anxiety is down to about a 5/10, which is probably the lowest it ever is. And I haven't felt sad or depressed. I definitely can't complain!

I'm not sure whether or not the med change has anything to do with why I haven't been eating great for a couple of weeks. I'm still eating healthy foods (most of the time) but I tend to pick high-calorie foods and I eat too much of them. I swear, peanut butter is going to be the death of me! I decided last week that I can't have it in the house. The only peanut butter that I eat is Smucker's Natural, and the rest of the family doesn't like it. They have their kind of peanut butter (the super smooth stuff; I think it's Jif) and I don't like it so it's not a problem to keep in the house. But I am not going to buy the Smucker's (at least for a while).

After getting rid of the peanut butter, I started snacking on mixed nuts instead. They have just as many calories, but I thought maybe I'd be able to eat less and feel satisfied. I learned I was wrong, haha. Nuts are so easy to overeat without even realizing it. A portion size is so small! And worse, it's so easy to just grab a handful here and there throughout the day--totally mindless snacking.

So, I skipped last week's weigh-in, knowing that it probably wouldn't be helpful (mentally) to see what damage the peanut butter had done. I would have liked to skip today, but I know that if I do, it will only be that much easier to just stop accountability weigh-ins altogether. And the weigh-ins help me!

Anyway, I'm not really sure whether my weight was better or worse than I thought:

I was at 134.4. In my mind, I was sure I'd gained 10 pounds over the last two weeks, so I was happy to see that it was "only" 3.8 pounds. However, that's how it starts... my mindset goes to "Well, it's only a few pounds, and I'm still in my maintenance range, so it's no big deal." If it was up a few pounds from a heavy meal or even a week of a larger than normal appetite, then that's totally fine with me. That's why I chose to have a range for maintenance (125-135) rather than a set number.

BUT. I know that this isn't due to one of those reasons; it's because I was eating a lot more calories than I was burning.

Something that I learned from my meeting with Pete Thomas (season two at-home winner of The Biggest Loser) was that if you're *going* to overeat, at least minimize the damage by eating lower calorie things. He wasn't saying it's good to overeat; just that if you do, make it something that isn't high in calories. (Nuts are definitely a poor choice to overeat, haha.)

Yesterday, I had popcorn instead of nuts for a snack (Jerry and I watched a scary movie), and I have fruit on hand to eat as well. I used to eat a couple of apples in the evenings and it was really satisfying, so maybe I'll do that again. Fruit always helps when I'm in a mood where I just want to eat. And it makes me feel good!

Even though my mood was unmotivated, I've still been working on my habits. I didn't add any new ones like I'd planned, but I've been continuing the same routine that I was doing last month. I've run every morning for 34 days in a row--I've never done that before. I actually really enjoy the super short (half-mile) runs. It wakes me up for the day and it starts my whole morning routine.

Also, Joey loves it. He likes routine as much as I do, so walks at random times each day weren't ideal; now that he knows we go first thing when I wake up, he gets really excited. I thrive on routine, and adding the "atomic" habits to my days has made sticking to a routine become pretty automatic--and that was my goal.

I'm really hoping that this week will go better!


  1. I've been listening to the Atomic Habits audio book and it is FANTASTIC! Thank you for suggesting it!

  2. Nuts are definitely a domino food for me. I love them and they're "HEALTHY!" Oof.

  3. Yep. Same with nut butter and nuts. Not safe in my house! I'm loving 0% fat Greek yoghurt with chopped fresh dates as a snack right now. So delicious and filling. Not sure what the vegan alternative to greek yoghurt would be though.


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