September 20, 2023

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 121

I can't remember if I posted about this hoodie, but it's another item of clothing that I altered. It was actually a bathrobe! Haha. It was a wrap-around robe but I was missing the belt so I only wore it like a cardigan. I really wish I took a good before photo of it; this is the only one I could find, and you really can't see it well. (This is a horrible picture of me and I have no idea why Jerry took it!)

I really like the colors (and the fabric, which is a stretchy knit fabric, thicker than a t-shirt but thinner than a fleece sweatshirt) so I decided to see if I could turn it into a zip-up hoodie. It was kind of asymmetrical in order to wrap it, so I had to cut it to shape before adding a zipper. I also had to cut some of the length off, obviously. The cuffs had been kind of short, so I made long ones with the leftover fabric and added thumbholes. I also sewed in the pockets. I like how it turned out!

Anyway, I feel like these Wednesday Weigh-In posts are becoming kind of redundant. I'm not really sure what to write when it's been an uneventful week (as far as my weight is concerned, anyway). This morning's weigh-in:

I was at 130.6, which I think is up a little over a pound from last week. Like I said, though, my weight has been between 128 and 131 for six weeks now, so I'm happy with it! I've been doing really well with my eating habits.

Speaking of habits, I keep meaning to write a post about the "Atomic Habits" I've been working on. I'm kind of amazed at how much of a difference they've made--mostly in my attitude, but also in making a good routine for myself. I think it's helped my mental health as well. I will write a whole post about it this weekend, because I can't believe how well the suggestions in the Atomic Habits book have worked.

I think a combination of taking time off from the blog and focusing more on my daily routine and self-care have helped reduce my anxiety quite a bit, and that has helped me to not eat for emotional reasons. I've stopped thinking so negatively about all of the bad luck my family has had over the last year and I've started seeing the humor in it.

I've been cooking a lot more new recipes lately and I think that has helped with keeping my weight pretty steady as well. I had gotten to the point where I hated cooking and would do the least amount of work possible in the kitchen, so we had a lot of the same (simple) meals. Now that I have more energy and a better attitude, I look forward to trying new recipes.

Over the last couple of weeks, I actually went through the binder of all of my recipes (hundreds) and vegan-ized them. I haven't tested the vegan versions, but I plan to do that; I'd like to get back to cooking one new recipe each week like I used to.

Speaking of cooking, I've got to go make dinner so Jerry has something to take to work! For this upcoming week, I'd like to just continue with the habits I've been working on. Hoping for another good week :)


  1. That remade hoodie is adorable. You blow me away with your amazing sewing skills. It's super impressive. Really happy to hear your outlook is feeling upbeat again!! Looking forward to hearing about Atomic Habits. I am on the waiting list for it at my library.

  2. Omg! That hoodie is AMAZING! Your talent is seriously astounding!! Sounds like another great week! Can you send some of your cooking motivation my way? ;) I've been in such a cooking slump!

  3. The hoodie is fabulous and looks great on you. What talent! You’re doing great with your weight.


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