September 15, 2023

Friday Night Photos: Summer

I only have a few photos on my camera roll this week, so I'll just save them for next week. Yesterday morning, I posted on Instagram, so I'll share something similar here. I rarely post on social media, but I was thinking about summer and decided to look through my pictures from the last few months. I chose a bunch that kind of represented summer (mostly the good parts; who takes pictures of the bad parts?).

I tried to think of a good adjective when I captioned, "It's been a _____ summer." But I can't come up with a word that describes everything. We've had such bad luck and so much stress. There were definitely good moments (as I'll show with most of the pictures below) but basically, the only way I can describe it is this: It's been a summer.

Watching Jerry and Eli play softball on Monday nights

Celebrating 20 years of marriage

Baking a vegan chocolate cake for Noah's birthday

Finding solitude to feel many emotions... in the bathtub. More than once.

Helping Luke and Riley try to win a prize for "crazy hair day"

Cutting the grass while Jerry was gone for two weeks

Jerry and I dueling at Dr. Mario on a rainy day

The first flood we've ever had at our house in 20 years

Jeanie teaching me American football

Taking golf pictures of Eli. My first time being on a golf course.

Celebrating Noah's last teenage birthday

Totaling two out of three cars in just three months

Jerry forgetting to use a blade guard. For the third time.

Perhaps my most favorite picture of this entire year

Joey losing about 10 pounds of fur

Knitting a Shrek hat for Noah

Sucking at mini-golf

Taking the boys to see The Meg while Jerry was away

Playing Trouble with my nieces and nephew

Breaking a three-and-a-half-year daily blogging streak to get away from the negativity

Making do with the candles Jeanie had on hand. 1 and 2+7

Getting a second piercing in my nose

My "fun" project this summer

Watching fireworks with Renee

Making sad toast on the stove when the power was out for three days

Getting to see one of my very favorite cousins

Getting my skin checked for suspicious spots

"Helping" Shawn steer the tractor he was towing

Washing my hair in the river and nearly floating away

Tubing with Jeanie, Shawn, Jerry, Noah, Eli, and Ava

Summer isn't officially over for eight more days, but I'm ready to be done with it and bring in fall! My family has felt all of the emotions this summer, tenfold. So... let's just say that it's been a summer. :)

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