December 29, 2022

Three Things Thursday: Last Minute To-Do's

The end of a year and the beginning of the next mean that I write a lot of summaries and a lot of goals. There is something about a new year that feels so nice! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Being the 29th, there are only a couple of days left in 2022. And I am going to make it count by doing a few last-minute things so I can start 2023 without having them on my nagging list of to-do's.

The nagging list is basically made up of things that I should have gotten done by now but I just put off for whatever reason. Either I'd rather be doing something else or I'm just too lazy to get them done. And then they nag at me, over and over, until I finally just do it!

So, here are three things that I want to get done before the new year rolls around. Yes, that's two days from now.

1. Dye my roots already.

My gray hairs are probably a good four inches long right now. The last time I colored them was in early August! I notice them more and more by the day and they almost kept me from going to a friend's get-together last weekend. That's really bad. So come Sunday, my grays will not be gray anymore.

Maybe you can't see it well here because of the selfie-quality photo, but they are glaringly obvious to me!

2. Finish the shelves in the bathroom closet.

I would have been done with these a while ago if not for the router on my router table breaking down. I've had to find a work-around for a lot of it and it's taking much longer than it should. I worked on the shelves for a while today and then got to the point of needing the router again. I think I'll work on that tonight if it's not too cold in the garage. Once I finish installing the shelves, I have to paint them. I don't think I have enough paint, so I'll have to make a trip to Sherwin Williams tomorrow to pick some up. But I *will* get these shelves done before the new year!

3. Sort and organize my tools and hardware.

Since remodeling the bathroom and bedroom, I have tools everywhere. It's a completely chaotic mess and trying to find what I need is a nightmare. I also have a catch-all for random screws and little pieces of hardware, so I want to sort those and put them in their respective containers. I just want everything to be organized and in one place again instead of all over the house and garage!

There it is--short and simple, but three things that are super nagging. I remember reading somewhere that all of the little things that nag at you every day cause more stress than one or two big things. For example, you have a snag in your rug and every time you walk over it, you think, "I need to cut that"; it eats away at you over and over again, sometimes for months on end, until you FINALLY do it, even though it would literally take less than 90 seconds to grab the scissors and cut the loose fiber.

While my list has a few things more time consuming than snipping a snag, they are things that I should be able to knock out really quickly if I just DO IT ALREADY. I will feel so much better once those things aren't on my mind! (And yes, as vain as it sounds, my gray roots have been taking up mind space.)

When this posts, I'll have 50 hours until the new year. Ready... set... GO!


  1. I love the idea of setting small attainable goals! I so know what you mean about just getting something that is nagging you done and out of the way! I think over my 3 day weekend (so by Monday lol) I would like to finish organizing our game closet downstairs that my husband is putting up shelves for, put away literally too much laundry to even handle haha and put away all my Christmas stuff. I love seeing things written out in a list, makes me actually want to do them! Have a great New Years!!

  2. I just listened to a podcast yesterday from The Life Coach School called "Dread Sprints" and it was really inspiring to me as to how to get the things we dread, done. You might like it too!


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