December 21, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 82

This has felt like the longest week ever! Usually my weigh-ins feel super close together, but this past week has gone by really slowly. Once again, I was dreading getting on the scale. However, I felt better about it this past week because I had changed my attitude and started looking at things a little differently. (You can read about it on last week's weigh-in post.)

I had been feeling really angry at myself and just sorry for myself in general because I felt out of control with my weight, my food choices, not running, etc. I had a bit of a "wake-up" moment and focused more on self-care. I could make myself feel better by making better choices or I could continue to beat myself up while making poor choices. It was up to me.

This was nothing profound, but it hit home for me for some reason. This week was still far from ideal, but I had better days; and on the days that I didn't make great choices, I didn't get angry at myself.

I wasn't sure what to expect this morning on the scale... I used to weigh myself daily but over the past couple of months, I've been avoiding it. I was pleasantly surprised then, to see that I hadn't gained (yet again) this week:

I didn't lose any weight, but at least I didn't gain. I was exactly the same as last week, and that's a win for me right now!

The hardest time of day for me is in the evenings. I stay really busy all day, but when I put on my pajamas to relax in the evenings before bed, I start thinking about snacking. And once I get it in my head, it's so hard to think of anything else!

So, this week I actually busted out an old trick I used way back in 2009-2010 when I was losing weight: knitting. I used to knit a lot in order to keep my hands busy (rather than snacking), but also because I didn't want to get food on my yarn, haha.

(I have been RIDICULOUSLY careful not to leave my yarn out where the cats (i.e. Duck) can get it. After last year, I sold on Facebook Marketplace all the yarn I had and swore off knitting/crocheting.)

I bought a skein of yarn and started making a hat from a pattern I'd used before--it's done in short rows, which requires a ton of attention to counting. My therapist had mentioned to me that focusing on a simple task that requires serious concentration--such as knitting a difficult pattern--turns off the other parts of your brain that overthink things (or my thinking of snacking).

I also worked on the cross stitch kit that Jerry and I had started one night for fun. We were at Walmart and for some reason, we spontaneously bought a small cross stitch kit for each of us and worked on them for one night, but then put them away and didn't get them out again. I don't think I've ever finished cross stitching anything; I've started several, but they take so long and I get bored. This one has held my interest, though, and focusing on that has helped keep me from eating, too.

This upcoming week is going to be difficult for me because Jerry has the next seven days off work! So my days will be different than usual. I want to spend time with him (as a sort of "staycation") and I won't be working as much on the bathroom/bedroom. We'll probably play board games and watch Christmas movies (Jerry loves everything Christmas) so I'm just hoping that I can keep things in check and have another good week. If I can maintain again next weigh-in, I'll be happy--then I'll start trying a little harder to get back down into my goal range.

I'm really looking forward to this week, though--it's fun to get to hang out with Jerry when we don't have to be anywhere or have particular things we have to get done. It'll be a relaxing week, and hopefully the boys will want to hang out with us, too ;)

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  1. "This was nothing profound." I disagree. IT WAS HUGE!! And I just finished an entry in the daily meditation book I'm working on about crocheting and the concentration you can build doing that! It's a form of meditation. Your sneaky therapist. Love it.


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