December 24, 2022

(Almost) Wordless Christmas Eve

I'm going to take a couple of days "off" from writing in order to spend some quality time with the fam. So I'll just share a photo or two!

These are a couple pictures of my favorite reaction to a gift I've given to one of the kids for Christmas.

Eli was five years old, and in school his teacher was reading the class a book from a series called Junie B. Jones. He LOVED the book and he asked for them for Christmas. I was able to find the whole series (with a little tote to hold them) on E-bay.

He was SO EXCITED to get them! It was his favorite gift that year, by far. I thought it was so funny that out of all the toys, he chose those books as his favorite. And on Christmas night, he wanted to sleep with his Junie B. Jones books next to him. Best reaction ever! <3


  1. I love Junie B. Jones! When I was a Para for 6th grade, the teacher would have me read them aloud to the kids for fun. (Even the 6th graders loved them!)

  2. How adorable! Merry Christmas!


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