December 23, 2022

Friday Night Photos

Holy smokes, I can't even describe how cold it is right now! A few days ago, everybody around here started talking about the weather this weekend--that we were going to get a monster snow storm, super high winds, and ridiculously cold temps. Also, the electric company started warning that we may lose power.

The current conditions (as I type this):

A RealFeel of -29℉, dropping to -35℉ tonight! The wind is SO strong and has been all day. Poor Chick is terrified of the noise from the wind, so he's been alternating pacing and hiding all day. Meanwhile, Estelle is staying toasty warm because I set the cat bed in front of the fireplace heater in my bedroom.

Jerry, the boys, and I played Monopoly all afternoon. I love board games, but Monopoly is at the bottom of the list, right along with Scrabble and Uno. It takes SO LONG to play. Noah loves it, though, and he's been asking to play it for a while. So, I bought it last week and promised we'd play it this weekend. I bought the 1980s version--which is like the "original" version for me, being an 80s kid.

I actually read through the rules and realized we'd always been playing all wrong (for example, you don't "win" anything when you land on Free Parking--we'd always made a pot in the middle of the board that you could win if you landed on Free Parking). Playing by the rules actually made the game go by faster. Even though I really don't like the game, I had fun playing with the fam.

Eli, who didn't even want to play, ended up winning. Jerry was almost bankrupt and while Noah and I were talking, Jerry made a deal with Eli--he sold Eli the third card he needed for a set for only $60! Eli immediately put four houses on them and the game moved quickly after that. I went bankrupt first, then Noah, then Jerry.

This picture was from last week when I put together a pair of nightstands for our bedroom. When I opened the box, I couldn't believe how many pieces there were! I was very impressed with how they were Tetris'd in there, though. I LOVE putting things together, so it was very exciting for me, hahaha. Jerry turned on Friends and I worked on the nightstands for a long while.

This is what they looked like when they were done:

The quality is definitely not awesome--you get what you pay for!--but we'd been needing nightstands for a long time. Redoing the bedroom was an excuse to finally buy some, along with a bed frame. When I'm finished with the bedroom, I'll post pictures of everything. I still have to paint the closet door--I'd forgotten about it when I painted everything else!

A few days ago, I was trying to write a blog post and Duck wanted attention, per usual. I made some paper balls for him to play fetch, which kept him busy for a little while. Then I realized he hadn't brought me a ball for at least 10 minutes or so, and I wondered what he was up to. I looked in the kitchen and saw this:

He knows where we keep the rubber bands, and that he's not allowed to have them--so he decided to try to get one himself! I keep them sealed in a container, so he wasn't able to, but he certainly tried. He didn't even look guilty when I caught him.

The other night, Jerry and I were on the bed working on craft projects and I looked next to me to see Duck inside of the hamper. He wasn't doing anything--just sitting in there. Cats have been doing that since the beginning of time, but I still find it so funny that whenever they see a box or container of some sort, they have to get inside. It's a compulsion. (I still have to hang the picture that is behind him; I love it! It's a cow wearing glasses. I bought it in the summer, but it's been sitting in the garage waiting for me to hang it. Now that the walls are painted, it's ready.)

When I say that Jerry and I were working on projects... I was busy with the project for Luke and Riley, while Jerry was doing his own thing. He told me he was making tags for Christmas gifts. (I've mentioned before that Christmas is Jerry's "thing"--he's obsessed all month with all things Christmas.)

This is what they looked like when he was done. I couldn't believe how much effort he put into those! I think it's cute that he made them, though. 

I posted this yesterday, but these are the crafts I've been working on recently. First, the "books" for Luke and Riley. This made a huge mess on the table.

I'm cross stitching a black cat (it reminded me of Duck).

And knitting a hat that is done in short rows (aptly named "Short Row Hat")

Noah got his ears pierced last week. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to take him like I took Eli, but his girlfriend wanted to do it for him for Christmas. So she sent me pictures.

Last night, Noah asked me if I would shave his head! I said no, that he had to think about it and if he still wanted me to do it in the morning, I would. And when he woke up this morning, I asked him what he thought; he said he was glad he didn't do it. He was just frustrated with his hair at that moment last night.

I knew exactly what he was talking about! I remember going for a run one time and being annoyed that my ponytail braid was slapping against my back. In fact, I was SO annoyed that I ran straight up my front steps, into the house, grabbed a pair of scissors from the kitchen, and cut off my braid. BAHAHA! That was before I was medicated for bipolar ;)

When my mom saw my post about Mark, she told me that she always thought of him when she got out her Christmas decorations each year. She showed me this magnet that Mark made her at church. I love it!

Finally, a cute picture of Phoebe. She's been super cuddly lately and has been sleeping on my bed next to me.

Well, Noah's girlfriend is here now and we're all going to play a game. Have a great holiday weekend! xo


  1. I had to find a conversion chart to work out the temperatures in Celsius. Wow that is definitely cold. I hope you are all able to stay snuggled up warm and that the power doesn’t go out, I glad to see Phoebe looking so healthy. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas from a mild and damp Scotland.

  2. Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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