December 27, 2022

Mostly Likely To... (Me versus Jerry)

Having a few days off from blogging was nice--I constantly felt like I was forgetting to do something, though! Jerry has been off work for a week (using up his vacation time), which has been super relaxing and feels kind of like a vacation. We've had a lot of family time, which is rare these days because at least one of the four of us usually has something going on.

Since Jerry is off work tonight, we decided to turn my blog post into a sort of "date night" questionnaire. I grabbed some fun "Who is most likely...?" questions from this webpage and we went through and answered them...

1. Who is most likely to die in a zombie apocalypse?

Katie. We both agree that I would die pretty much immediately because I wouldn't even try. When the brain is in fight or flight mode, mine chooses option C: "curl up in a ball in the corner and close my eyes".

2. Who is most likely to surprise the other by bringing home a kitten?

Jerry. Absolutely Jerry. Being bipolar, you would think that it would be me, but I'm the one who overthinks EVERYTHING and I would talk myself out of it even if it was super tempting.

3. Who is most likely to have the funniest relationship stories?

Katie. We both agree on this. I am a good storyteller; I make sure to talk slowly and explain the backstory if necessary. Jerry gets so excited to tell the story that he leaves half of it out and then I end up having to explain it all again, haha.

4. Who is most likely to forget a name for someone they know?

Katie. Jerry and I laugh about this all the time because I am SO BAD with names. We've been watching a couple of shows for YEARS--Grey's Anatomy, for example--and I still don't know the names of the main characters. I always describe them as something like, "you know, that girl that was on Private Practice and had a baby with anencephaly?" Sometimes, all I have to say is "that one girl who was on that one show with what's-his-face" and Jerry knows who I'm talking about.

5. Who is most likely to steal most of the covers while in bed?

Jerry says it's me and I say it's him. I don't have any room to even move when I'm in bed! All of the cats sleep around me and I feel too bad to move them, so I am stuck in the same position all night. (And I wonder why I have insomnia...)

Now just add Phoebe next to my left thigh, because she wanted in on the fun.

6. Who is most likely to lose something in the house?

Katie. Jerry says, "Katie. 100%. And I always have to find it." I lose everything, but mostly my phone. I never carry my phone around, so I'm always looking for it. And somehow, Jerry always knows where it is, even without calling it. And calling it probably wouldn't do any good either, because I always forget to turn the ringer back on when I wake up!

7. Who is most likely to cry during a movie?

Katie, without question. I am one of the most emotional people on the planet, probably. Jerry will never let me live down the time that we went to the movies and I got choked up during during the pre-previews. I looked on YouTube for a video of it, but it's not there (which is probably a good thing, because it would be very embarrassing). I cry for all things happy or sad--it's a curse!

8. Who is most likely to burn dinner while cooking?

Jerry. He admits that he always burns onions and garlic (true). Funnily enough, though, there is a pot in the sink that we've been soaking for two days because I accidentally left a glaze in there to reduce on a low heat (for a tofu "ham"), and it burned to that pot until it became part of the pot itself. We've tried everything--dish soap, boiling water, vinegar, baking soda paste, elbow grease, you name it. It's a nice pot that we got for our wedding 19 years ago, and it's seen a lot--but I think I ruined this one.

9. Who is most likely to leave clothes all over the bedroom floor?

We can't really agree on this one, so we'll go with a movie quote that we use all the time: "I think maybe it's both." (Forrest Gump)

10. Who is most likely to watch funny cat videos on the internet all evening?

Jerry, hands-down. He just said, "That's weird, you would think that it would be you. Why is it me and not you?" I think it's because I'm more likely to get sucked down the meme rabbit hole than I am cat videos.

11. Who is most likely to be grumpy when they’re hungry?

Katie. Jerry said, "Is that even a question?" and then proceeded to mock what I sound like when I'm hungry. He's right... I am NOT the person you want to talk to or be around when I'm hungry!

I spent way too much time looking for this picture, but I *knew* I had it and it was perfect for this! I was super hungry one evening and I was pissed--I just kept staring at the pantry, waiting for something to cook itself. Jerry thought it was funny and took my picture! I was so irritated, but I'm glad I have it--because it's funny and it definitely captured my mood.

12. Who is most likely to tell the best jokes?

Jerry says that he is, no contest; I disagree. He's quick with one-liners, but as he's gotten older, they are more groaners than anything. I think he'd be funnier if he stopped laughing so hard at his own jokes before he even finishes getting them out of his mouth!

Jerry. 100%.

13. Who is most likely to go to bed before 9 pm?

Jerry falls asleep at the drop of a dime--it would definitely be him. I happen to be a night owl AND a morning person, so I stay up late and get up early every day. Not by choice, though--if my body and brain would let me fall asleep before 9 PM, I would be thrilled!

14. Who is most likely to ask for permission to do something?

Jerry. He says, "Because I'm considerate." But I hate that he asks my permission for things! And he knows that I always answer, "Why are you asking me?! I'm not your parent." We joke about it, but I'm not actually complaining; I am definitely glad that he doesn't go out and spend all kinds of money on big purchases without talking about it with me first (I do all of our finances, so I know what we can and can't afford).

15. Who is most likely to be sappy?

Jerry, for sure. I have all sorts of love notes and drawings and things to prove it! I love how thoughtful and creative he is--he's done this since we first started dating. The stuff he comes up with is super cheesy, but that's what makes it so good! (And it rubbed off on Eli, which I think is awesome.)

16. Who is most likely to win a thumb war battle?

Katie. Jerry says, "You can do that in your sleep!"  I said, "Why? Because I'm stronger than you?" and he replied, "Yes! You're a carpenter." BAHAHA. He's right, though, I always win at thumb wrestling. I don't even know why he bothers, and at the most random times. Sometimes he'll grab my hand and start pretend thumb wrestling with me until I feel bad for not playing along, and then I pin him. (I have very large hands, which I'm sure is why I always win!)

17. Who is most likely to watch a horror movie on their own?

Katie. I love horror movies as much as Jerry loves Christmas movies. I especially like the B films made of a young-20s cast playing teenagers who are usually driving for a weekend trip and decide to take a "shortcut" because the creepy guy at the gas station told them to and then they start getting picked off one by one by a killer until there is only the brainy girl left and she gets away. Those are the best.

18. Who is most likely to get annoyed by the other’s music?

Jerry says, "Psh! You. You hate my music. Even if it's music you like, you won't admit it."  He's right--I hate his music. I can't really say ALL of his music, but there are some bands that I will never understand. They just yell at the top of their lungs and you can't even make out any lyrics.

19. Who is the most likely to wash up after you’ve eaten?

Jerry. We have a deal--I cook dinner and he cleans up. I would much rather do the cooking than the cleaning! (I'm sure he probably wants to renegotiate this now, after working on that pan with the burnt glaze.)

20. Who is the most likely to make children laugh? Cry?

We're actually arguing about this right now, hahaha. I guess it depends on the kids' ages. I'm TERRIBLE with babies--they do not like me for some reason, and it's pretty much a guarantee that if I hold your baby, it's going to cry. When Jerry holds babies, they adore him. I think he's better with kids of all ages--kids are drawn to him. The only thing I'm better at is doing creative things with the kids--probably because I put way too much thought into everything--but definitely not making them laugh. Jerry's spontaneous and much more fun, so I think he's definitely more likely to make them laugh.

21. Who is most likely to get injured doing something silly?

Katie, absolutely. I don't have enough fingers to count all the bruises and little cuts or scabs I have right now--and all of them are likely from doing something silly. Yesterday, I was hanging a picture and I tripped over my own foot, knocking over the step ladder and stabbing myself with my own fingernail.

This was a bad bruise I got when I was painting the hallway. I was standing on a kitchen chair and lost my balance. My shin slid right down the front of the seat of the chair, leaving me with this beauty:

22. Who is most likely to come off social media altogether?

Katie. Jerry agrees that it's totally me. I avoid social media like the plague--which is interesting, considering I'm a blogger. Jerry is actually doing a challenge for 30 days right now; I dared him to delete the Facebook app from his phone for a month. I was so tired of hearing him complain about how people think they know everything and they have to post it all over Facebook, etc. I told him that's why I don't look at Facebook! It always gets him riled up and I told him he'd be a much happier person without reading all of that stuff. So I challenged him to get rid of Facebook for 30 days, and it was VERY hard for him to agree, but he's doing it! Today is Day 4, and I think it's killing him, but he won't admit it.

23. Who is most likely to shave all their hair off?

Jerry. But not for the reason you may think! I just wanted an excuse to share this video again, because it was hilarious.

25. Who is most likely to lose their wedding ring?

Jerry. We don't wear wedding rings now--they just seem to get in the way--but we wore them until a few years ago. Jerry actually got VERY lucky shortly after we got married. He went to an Incubus concert with our friend Lance and he was fiddling with his ring--which was very new to him, considering it was literally about a week after our wedding--and he dropped it. It started rolling down the slope of the balcony. This was before cell phones had flashlights (and probably apps to find your ring after alerting you it's not on your finger), but somehow, he managed to find it a couple of rows in front of him!

26. Who is the most likely to want to swim with sharks?

Nope nope and nope. Neither one of us. I hate the water and Jerry just doesn't see the appeal of swimming with sharks.

That was fun! Some of the questions sparked some fun conversation (and arguments). We both agreed on almost all of the "who was most likely" for each question, though!


  1. This was so cute!! You guys are truly just the cutest couple!! <3 I hope you're enjoying your staycation!

    1. Thank you! Today is back to the grind, but we had a lot of fun over the last week. It went by way too quickly.

  2. Thanks for the laughs. Much needed today and always.

  3. In question 11, you look like you are 11 years old. I love this post, it's so "you guys!"

    1. You're right, I do look young there--it was nearly 10 years ago! Eek.


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