August 24, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 65

You can clearly see that our bedroom hasn't changed much; Brian is supposed to come over tomorrow to finish installing the tub.

I've been debating--do I continue to count weeks in the title of my Wednesday Weigh-In posts or do I change it to a date? Or just leave it without any sort of number? I guess I do like to see the progress I've made since May of 2021, which is where the Week 65 came from. I became vegan on January 29 of this year, so I feel like that is a sort of "anniversary" too.

This week was another week that I went into blind as far as my weight goes. With my bedroom and bathroom torn apart, it's too inconvenient to weigh myself daily like I usually do. I've gotten into a good routine with eating, so I just hoped it would carry me through the week without gaining 20 pounds ;)

Last week, I was at 137.0. And this week, I was actually pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale:

At 136.8, it's not much of a difference, but it's a loss--I'll take it! While I'm happy at this weight, my goal is still 133, so I'm only 3.8 pounds away. I never believed when I started this last May that I'd actually DO IT. How many years have I been trying to get "back on track" to lose the weight I'd gained? The last time I was this weight was in early 2018. That year was the year I gained most of the weight--and in a very short time period.

Confession: I haven't counted calories in probably six months. I had intentions to and sometimes I'd enter my breakfast and lunch into the app, but I just have gotten into such a routine that I don't feel like I need to count. My breakfasts and lunches are pretty much the same every day, which I've written about before. For dinner, I just cook a vegan recipe (usually something new from a cookbook I have) and I eat a hearty portion of that. And later, I usually have a small snack. 

Eating vegan is the easiest thing I've done to lose/control my weight! Jerry has lost eight pounds this month without even trying as well--he's been eating plant-based since the first of August (with the goal of doing 30 days) and he likes it so much that he plans to continue after 30 days. I'm SHOCKED. Truly. 

One thing I've noticed over the last 5-10 pounds is how much my body has gotten smaller. It's not a lot of weight to lose, but the clothes that just fit me a few weeks ago are already on the big side. Even my size six jeans! I took in the waist in a few pairs of jeans (they tend to fit in the thighs but are big in the waist).

I guess it makes sense, though, because I was wearing a size four at this weight before (in 2015 ish). But for some reason, I'm seeing myself and thinking of myself as about 175 pounds. I was flipping through jeans at Goodwill and each time I found a pair I liked and I thought would fit, I discovered they were size 10 or 12. The size fours just looked so tiny. I regret getting rid of my "thin" clothes! ;)

I hope this week is much less stressful. (I don't mean about my weight; just the issues that have me stressed out in the first place). I'm excited to have friends over for a game night, but we have to get the house put back together first.

Anyway, I'm happy with another good weigh-in (I don't even know how many losses in a row this has been). I am just kind of stunned that I've lost 60 pounds in the past 65 weeks. The time went by so fast!


  1. Hi Katie, i made this for supper last night and HAD to share because i think you will love it! I did quinoa instead of rice to get the protein up, and it was delicious.

  2. I wonder if the smaller body size (and reduced pain) has to do with less inflammation.


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