August 03, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 62

I got this shirt at the thrift store the last time I went because I thought it was too perfect for me. If you can't read it, it says:

"If you fall, I'll be there" - The Floor
"If you fall, I'll drop you and probably hit you on the way down" - The Beam

I am notorious for injuring myself while working on projects (or even day-to-day tasks): bruises, cuts, scrapes, gashes, burns, you name it. But Jerry and I are convinced I'm going to die tragically in a woodworking/home repair incident. I wear personal protective equipment, but I'm just too clumsy and uncoordinated to work without getting injured.

The shirt reminds me of when I was working at my brother Nathan's house--I was scraping off his popcorn ceiling and at one point, I was standing on a ladder while bracing myself against his fireplace mantel. When I leaned my weight on it, the mantel flipped up in the air and I fell off the ladder in what felt like slow motion. Not only was the mantel flying at me, I was falling against the bricks of the fireplace. I even broke a big chunk out of a brick with my elbow!

Anyway, those kinds of things happen to me all the time, and I thought this shirt was quite appropriate for me ;)

Wow, it feels like I just did my Wednesday Weigh-In yesterday. I still feel like I'm in a mixed state of bipolar (in bipolar, a mixed state means having episodes of depression and hypomania/mania at the same time--you might have a ton of energy, for example, but mentally feel sad and unmotivated). So, I might wake up and have a great morning and then in the afternoon, feel depressed and crying over something totally irrelevant. I haven't had an episode like this in a very long time. Hopefully it'll be over soon.

It doesn't help that I have this issue going on with my bedroom and bathroom right now. Brian called me today and told me a couple of things I can do for it in the meantime before he can help me early next week. I just really want it to be done! It's super overwhelming and stressful to even think about. (You can see that I took my usual mirror selfie in my bedroom instead of my bathroom--that's because I have things crammed in the bathroom until after I get my bedroom put back together.)

Anyway, depending on when you ask, I had either a great week or a bad week when it comes to my diet, haha. I still haven't had much of an appetite, and I was sure that the scale would be down a few pounds this week because I haven't eaten as much as I'm used to. But it was actually up a touch:

Last week, I was at 142.0, so I'm only up 0.4 pounds today. However, I'm happy with 142.4! I can't believe how well I've been doing maintaining/losing weight this year. I don't know if becoming vegan has something to do with it or not, but I just hope I can keep it up.

This week, I am probably going to eat my weight in peaches. I picked up my Georgia peaches from The Peach Truck yesterday! Last time, I had to let them sit and ripen for a few days before eating them, but I ate one this morning and it was perfect. I've already had three today and I'm sure I'll have a couple more before bed. They're just so good; they're so juicy that the juice drips down my chin.

If you like peaches, I highly recommend checking to see if the truck is doing a tour near you. I've always really liked peaches, but once I tried these Georgia peaches last year, I realized what I'd been missing out on my whole life! I can't buy grocery store peaches anymore.

Well, I'm going to cut this off here because we're about to get a big storm and I LOVE storms. Jerry and I may go sit in the garage to watch :)

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  1. I do hope your mood situation improves. I can so relate. I'm in a mixed state right now and the answer to "How are you?" is always "It depends on when you ask!" Thanks for your honesty about that. Also, hurrah for the peach truck! Our neighbor buys a case and shares with us. That juice dripping down my chin is the true taste and feel of summer. Sending all the good vibes always.


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