August 30, 2022

Transformation Tuesday #84

Happy Transformation Tuesday! My days are so messed up this week. I was so sure that Sunday was Monday, Monday was Tuesday, and today is Wednesday. I even woke up and did my Wednesday Weigh-In this morning.

Today was Eli's first day of school--he's starting 11th grade. Noah started last week, but his classes are a little odd because they are all college classes now and his schedule is much different. He would normally be starting college this fall with his friends, but because he did a "middle college" program, he's been taking college courses for the last two years. So, it's hard to say what "grade" he's in. But I wanted a picture anyways! So here is a before and "after" of my boys.

OHMYGOSH, I miss that age so much! They were so stinkin' cute. One of these days, I'd like to put together a collage of all of their first days of school.

 I'm lucky to have such great kids!

Anyway, I have a couple of readers' transformations to share today as well. Enjoy!

We've been remodeling our basement for 3 months and the end is almost in sight, LOL! 

New bathroom- We're adding a second bathroom in the house and decided to upgrade all of the water lines when we had the new plumbing put in, so it's been a pretty major deal in our entire basement all summer. Thankfully breaking up the concrete and re-pouring it only took a few days because I work from home and it was LOUD! And the concrete dust took well over a month to settle, yikes. 

Paint- We can't afford to put up drywall, so we had a family friend repaint the cement blocks, the laundry room floor, and even the laundry room ceiling, including all of the pipes, LOL. I had no idea you could just spray everything! Our goal wasn't a finished look, per se, but just something more aesthetic and less dungeon-feeling ;)

Laundry room- We spent hours and hours scraping the old linoleum glue off the floor before it got painted. It's just a plain gray, but I love it. As you can tell, gray is my theme :)  We replaced the old cabinet and counter top on the washer/dryer side, added a beautiful rug (that I loved so much I bought 3 more for the other rooms, ha!) and reorganized and added more storage on the other side. I know there are just as many spiders waiting to get me, but it doesn't FEEL like there are just as many spiders because it's so bright and fresh now ;) 

Bedroom- We put waterproof vinyl plank flooring in my son's room (which we will carry into the other side of the basement once the bathroom is done), painted it, and got new furniture and bedding. He is a high school senior and this feels a lot more grown up for him. I'm just so happy looking at it!


Sonja, I don't even know where to start--it all looks so amazing! It must have been a TON of work (that's awesome you had a friend do the painting for you). The bedroom looks so nice and cozy; and I hear you on the spiders. I despise them! Hopefully you won't encounter any now ;)  I'm glad you're enjoying your new space! -Katie

I love seeing people's transformations! Here's a recent one of mine. My husband bought a TV that was too large for our old TV stand (which I hated because it was ugly anyway).  We needed a new stand, but all the ones I liked were between $500 and $1500--crazy in my opinion.  So we took a trip to Goodwill, and found this filthy chipped up one for $17.  It had lots of dings on it, and I didn't like the black color, but we hauled it home and I cleaned and sanded and painted it in our driveway. I like it much better now! And it fits the TV perfectly. Total investment, with paint, was $37. The color is Tidal by Behr.

-Karen McBride

Karen, I love the new color! I always love it when people paint their furniture something bright and fun. Isn't it awesome to see your hard work pay off in the end? As you know, I adore thrift shopping, and this looks like a fun project piece. What a great find!  -Katie

Thank you so much, Karen and Sonja, for sharing your transformations! I'm always in awe when I see before and after photos--so fun. If anyone has a transformation to share, please do so--I always need them! Just send a before photo and an after photo (unedited) to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com. Include your name and a description of your transformation. Let's see what you come up with!

I'm going to write this or a few more days on my posts... I decided to create an Amazon Wish List for my cross country team. I did it a few years ago and it was a huge success with the team! I like to use running-related items as rewards for kids who reach certain milestones. They are in the third through fifth grades. If you purchase something, it gets sent directly to me, so you don't have to worry about shipping. And of course I'll post pictures! I can't thank you enough--and I know the kids will be thrilled.


  1. Your readers are so talented and energetic! Wow!

  2. Sonja we have the worst spider population ever! Mosely wolf spiders and they can be huge and gross! We've been using sticky traps for quit some time, and the difference is so amazing. We rarely see them anymore, and when we do, they're on the sticky trap. I read they like dark rooms, and walk along the walls instead of the middle of the room. We put them where a pet can't step on it. You gotta get some. And nice transformations, a lot of rewarding work.

    1. Thanks, Karen! But if I thought for ONE second that there was potentially a WOLF spider IN MY HOUSE, I would move immediately. IMMEDIATELY. I cannot even fathom you finding them (even trapped)... it takes me a good 10 minutes of screaming, swearing, crying, and calling my husband and neighbors for help before I can even try to kill the smallest of spiders as the very last resort :( I did just buy a long stick with sticky ends that will grab and squish them from a safe(ish) distance, LOL.

  3. I read a more recent post saying you were stopping the transformation Tuesdays, which makes me sad because I just bought a new house and have been working on my transformations to submit. :-(

    1. Please feel free to send it anyways! I wasn't getting many submissions so I didn't want to count on it anymore. But if I get some, I'd love to post them!

    2. It is a work in progress, I am still working on the transforming part. :-)


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