August 05, 2022

Friday Night Photos

Yay for Friday night! Jerry and I actually have plans tonight--we're going to a restaurant to meet our friend group because it's Eric's 40th birthday. I'm planning to wear a dress for the first time in years, so that should be interesting ;)  I'm actually kind of excited to dress up a little.

I have a mishmash of photos from the past week. Most of the photos I took were of the bathroom and bedroom issue with the flooring, but I do have some others that I haven't posted yet because they just don't fit in anywhere else. Here goes...

Since I had to move almost everything out of my bedroom, my lava lamp was on the table in the living room. When I walked by, I immediately thought it looked like someone was stuck in there upside down. Doesn't it look like a face?

I know I wrote about it already, but here is The Peach Truck. They pick Georgia peaches and then drive them up here on a tour. You can buy them by the 25-pound box--which is why I'll be eating peaches for a week! They are SO GOOD, though.

I forgot that I had pre-ordered this book. I frequently feel like a bad parent--or at least one that learns by making the wrong decisions. It's hard having to learn to parent when the only experience you get is by raising kids! My kids know how much I love them, though, and they are *truly* really good kids. Anyway, I have friends that feel the same way about being a parent, and I thought this book was funny!

You can find it on Amazon here (affiliate link)

If you can't read the pages (the photos aren't great) it says:

"If a quokka mom comes face to face with dingoes in the wild, guess what she'll do to get away? That's right... she'll toss her child."

"For dinnertime, a koala mom will feed her kids her poop. Remember that when you feel bad about giving yours fast food."

I found this hutch on Facebook Marketplace and it's from Pottery Barn--as you know, I love Pottery Barn furniture! Remember the coffee table and TV console I refinished? (Here are the makeover before and after photos.) Those are two of my favorite pieces of furniture. Since I need a place for sewing and craft stuff, I thought this hutch would be perfect. I'm going to paint it, but I'm not sure what color yet. Probably white, like the others. I also have to find a place to put it, but with the bathroom/bedroom thing we have going on, I have an idea for it.

This is just me, trying to meal plan for the week. Duck gets jealous of anything at all that I'm paying more attention to than him, and he definitely does what he can to get my attention.

Jerry and I went into Walmart for some organizing containers, and we saw these cross stitch kits. We thought it would be fun to work on together, and we ended up picking out the same one, haha. It's been YEARS since I've done cross stitch and Jerry has never done it, so we had a lot of laughs trying to get started. I think we watched half a movie before we finally started making stitches.

Jerry's progress after about an hour

Duck was going crazy watching us--he wanted the string so badly! I knew it would be a bad idea to even attempt the cross stitching (because of the kittens) but Jerry and I were really careful. We kept the thread we weren't using in Ziploc bags and if we had to get up, we put the whole thing in a bag.

The thread was hooked to a piece of cardboard, so I felt better about that. At least if the cats got a hold of the thread, it would be stuck to the card and they wouldn't be able to swallow it. Well, when it came time to put everything away, Jerry and I searched and searched but we couldn't find my piece of cardboard with the thread on it. Finally, I went in the living room to look, and I found it... with a LOT of the thread chewed off!

Since Duck had been sitting on the bed watching us, I knew it had to be Chick that ate it. I searched around for pieces of it and couldn't find any. He'd clearly eaten all of the black and he'd eaten half a piece of green and half a piece of white.

I felt totally panicked. After everything else going on this week, the last thing I needed was another cat surgery to remove thread! I couldn't decide whether to bring him to the vet right away or if I should just watch for any signs of a blockage. When Duck ate yarn, he was throwing up bile all over the place and he totally lost all interest in food. That's how I knew something was wrong; Duck would normally sell his soul for a cat treat.

That happened on Wednesday night. Jerry is on a midnight schedule so he was awake all night and checked on Chick several times. Yesterday, Chick threw up a hairball and I knew I had to look through it to see if there was any thread. I put on some gloves and started picking it apart. And I found some of the thread! (Keyword being "some".)

It's now been a day and a half and Chick hasn't shown any signs of feeling sick. He's playful, he's eating well, he's being social... so I'm pretty sure he's fine. I'm still going to watch him like a hawk for a few days, though.

Since I'm already writing about gross things like hairballs, check out this picture of a bruise I got. Isn't it so weird looking? I got that from using a jigsaw.

I ran into TJ Maxx to see if they had any containers I could use to organize stuff as we clean out our bedroom/bathroom and of course I had to look at the pet section. I thought these cat beds were SO cute! I wanted to buy one, but they were $60, so I didn't get one. Maybe for Christmas ;) 

While I was there, I also saw this dried passion fruit. I LOVE passion fruit! And I've only had it once--when we were in Punta Cana in 2014, it was always out for breakfast options. I thought it looked like snot with ants in it, so I didn't try it for a few days. Then one day we got room service and they brought a bunch of fruit. I gave it a try and I couldn't believe how good it was! I pretty much lived off of that for the rest of the time we were there.

The problem with passion fruit is that I cannot get it around here (at least that I know of). I would love to have it again! But I was excited to get this dried passion fruit. It wasn't even close to the same, but it was good. I also drink passion fruit La Croix and anything else I can find that is passion fruit flavored.

I'd gone into TJ Maxx for containers to organize--which they didn't even have--and ended up leaving with not only the dried passion fruit, but also a mug that was on clearance for $1. It's the "Love Is Love" mug on the bottom left.

As for the others, I got them from Hobby Lobby (again, while looking for containers, haha!) and they were 66% off! So I bought the Death Star one for Jerry and the Central Perk one for me. And the other two were too perfect for us NOT to get, so I picked those up, too. (Those are Friends references, if you're not familiar.) Anyway, they ended up being about $3 each and they're nice mugs.

While I'm on the subject of mugs, I just have to share what Noah received as his white elephant gift at his birthday party. It's a mug that is solid black but when you pour hot liquid into it, it turns into this:

Nicolas Cage in a banana peel. Hahaha! I have no idea what the significance is, but I thought it was hilarious and the perfect white elephant gift.

While I was pulling weeds (yes, I'm keeping on top of it!) I found this--the little bean looking thing is a peanut! The shell came apart when I picked it up, but clearly one of our squirrels buried it and it sprouted. A peanut tree is just what we need ;)

And that's all I've got for this week. Hopefully next week I'll have some progress pictures of our bedroom and bathroom.

Have a great weekend! xo

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  1. Love is love. Great mug. Fun photos as always. Have a good weekend.


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