August 28, 2022

Bedroom/Bathroom Progress!

We are finally seeing some progress in the bathroom/bedroom! Brian (my brother) has been doing the behind-the-scenes stuff with electrical and plumbing (as well as installing the bathtub/shower combo), so even though progress was being made, there wasn't much to see yet. Today he came over to finish the tub so Jerry and I can at least start doing the other things like drywall and flooring (and framing the walls for the linen closet). It started to look more like a bathroom once the shower was in.

Brian brought Luke and Riley over with him because he wouldn't need my help much today, so I had the fun task of playing with them :)  Riley and I played with Mrs. Potato Head; we all played a game about cats and mice; Luke and I used plaster of paris to make a skeleton (we still have to paint it--the dry time before painting was 24 hours); and we dumped out my huge piggy bank.

We sorted through the money to look for coins with their birth years (2017 and 2018). Then I impressed Luke by offering him nine pennies or one dime--and when I told him the one dime was more money than nine pennies, he was very interested. Then we went through the other denominations.

Finally, we did the most fun thing of all... we played a prank on Jerry! Jerry had gone to Lowe's, so I showed the kids how to wrap a rubber band around the kitchen sink spray hose nozzle so that whoever turned on the water got a blast of water from the hose. After we set it up and waited for Jerry, I accidentally sprayed myself SIX TIMES--hahaha! I was so used to just turning on the water whenever needed and kept forgetting about it.

When Jerry came home, Brian (who knew what we were trying to do) asked him to check the if the water was back on at the kitchen sink (he'd turned off the main valve when working on plumbing). Jerry went to the sink and turned it on, and his surprise was hilarious!

After Brian was done with the framing and plumbing/electrical, Jerry got started on the floor. I felt totally helpless watching him, but he was actually really enjoying himself. He turned on Friends in the background (for him watching Friends in the background is like my listening to podcasts when I work).

Bonus points if you can name what episodes he was watching! ;)

It was already after 7:00, I hadn't eaten dinner (or even figured out what to make), and I was supposed to go for a run. Along with the other stuff I've been dealing with (I'll write about it one day if I can--long story and not mine to tell) I was feeling super overwhelmed.

Normally, in that situation, I'd procrastinate the run until tomorrow, but I found that I actually wanted to do it. It was super humid outside, but at least it was evening and didn't feel super hot. There was a funny circumstance that happened on my run, but I'll save that story for Thursday's recap.

Okay, I'm going to go make some General Tso's chickpeas with barley (yum!) and then chill out with Jerry. I don't have any Transformation Tuesday posts for tomorrow, so I'll do my vegan recipe review tomorrow instead. (ETA: Doh! It's only Monday. See where my mind has gone?)

(I mentioned this a few days ago and I wasn't sure if I should do it but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I created an Amazon Wish List for my cross country team (I coach third through fifth grade). I like to give out rewards to kids who achieve milestones that are difficult for them. A few years ago, so many of you were so generous to donate gifts to the team! The kids LOVED earning their rewards. So, if you feel inclined--and certainly not obligated!--here is a link to our wish list. I believe that when you buy something from it, it gets sent directly to my house. But don't worry, I'll post pictures with the kids when they earn them ;)  If you're able to do this and you choose to, I can't tell you how grateful I am--and the kids will be ecstatic! 


  1. Great progress on the bathroom and just have a technical question, LOL. We are building an additional bathroom and had to apply for all sorts of building permits for framing, electrical, plumbing, etc. Just wondering if you had to do that for your remodel, too. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

    1. We are fortunate that we didn't have to do that since we were just rerouting the water pipe from one part of the bathroom to the other. And the electrical is to add some extra lights and probably something else I don't know about! For building an additional bathroom, I imagine it's different--but I'm not sure. Make sure you take before and after pictures for Transformation Tuesday! ;)

  2. Tomorrow is Monday :)

    1. *Groan* I just realized that when I saw the garbage trucks drive by! I'm seriously losing my mind, hahaha.

  3. I can see why you're excited about the bath/bed. Now that the shower is in, I can visualize how great it will be. Sending serenity vibes for whatever's going on. Hugs too. And the kitchen faucet rubber band gag is hysterical although I don't understand how that works so maybe throw that in a blog post some time. Maybe "The best tricks Jerry and I have played on each other" or other on people or on you. Safe gags of course, but that might bring you some laughter remembering.

    1. I shouldn't have assumed everyone knew it! I have a video but Jerry swears in it, so I wasn't sure I should post it, haha. He thought Brian was the one who did it, so he said, "You son of a bitch!" (while laughing, of course). Basically, you wrap a rubber band around the part of the sink's hose that you squeeze to spray pressured water for cleaning dishes and whatnot. It's not noticeable unless you're really looking for it. But then when someone turns on the faucet, the water skips the tap and goes right through the hose, soaking the person who is in front of the sink. I'll see if I can email you the video ;)

  4. Ok I literally sat here for 10 minutes thinking but I THINK the Friends episode is the one where Rachel moves out since Chandler is moving in. The One on The Last Night I think its called? Phew, I need to do a Friends re-watch! :)


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