August 31, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 66

Fresh out of the shower and in my pajamas

Wow wow wow! I cannot even express how excited and grateful I was to find a ton of Amazon packages on my porch today when I got home from some errands. To those of you that have donated items for my cross country team, I cannot thank you enough! I'm SO excited to show the kids. I'll bet that they run more laps than ever at our next practice  ;)

If you missed it, I created an Amazon Wish List for the cross country team I coach. The team is made of up of third through fifth graders and I like to give them rewards for reaching certain milestones. This season, I'd like to really focus on getting them to run longer distances without walking or stopping. I think that seeing the rewards will be just what they need! (You can find the wish list here.) The items will ship directly to my house, so you don't have to worry about shipping. I truly cannot thank you enough. (Ask Jerry how I straight-up ugly cried when I started opening packages!)

Anyway, this weeks weigh in...

As you can see from the picture above, my bedroom is far from done. Tomorrow, I'm going to work on framing my first-ever wall. It's small, so I think it'll be good practice. But I had such a hard time finding a place to take a mirror selfie today! Everywhere I moved there was so much stuff in the background. My mirror isn't on the wall, so I had to prop it up with a footstool. Then I had to move it all over the room to get lighting where you could actually see me and that there wasn't a ton of stuff cluttering the background.

See it propped on the footstool? An accident waiting to happen.

I had a feeling I was going to lose weight again this week. With all of the stress and feeling so overwhelmed, I still haven't had much of an appetite. I've definitely felt the weight loss in my clothes...

I was at 135.6, which is down from 136.8 last week. Woot! I am only 2.6 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight. The last time I was at my goal weight was June of 2017--over five years ago!

I feel so much more comfortable in my clothes--I love that I can wear jeans and still breathe when I bend over to tie my shoes. I love that I can wear my belts again (on the smallest holes). I love that I don't have a pile of clothes that I might wear again "someday". I literally don't have any clothes that are too small on me anymore!

It feels fun again; when I was first losing weight, I loved being able to feel my clothes get bigger (well, my body get smaller, rather).

Jerry just made a delicious looking vegan gnocchi soup, so I'm going to eat that and then get cozy and watch a movie with him. Today is the 31st, which means Jerry has made it through the entire month eating plant-based. I won't go into his thoughts about it--he's actually going to write a guest post about it--hopefully this weekend!

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