April 02, 2021

Furniture Makeover Photos

Normally, I just post photos on Friday night--pictures I took throughout the week but didn't really have a reason to post. When I looked through the photos on my phone today, I realized I hadn't taken any photos this week other than the ones relating to the furniture I was working on refinishing.

We moved the furniture from the garage into the house today, so I figured I'd just post some photos of the makeover.

I found these pieces of furniture on Facebook Marketplace--a TV console and a coffee table from Pottery Barn's Rhys collection. The line has been discontinued now, but after some digging online I found that they had retailed for $1200 (the console) and $700 (the coffee table)! The seller was asking $100 for the set.

I have a Pottery Barn table (I'm not sure what it would be called--it's kind of like a console but smaller). I bought it from Facebook Marketplace when we were remodeling and I was super impressed with the quality. So, when I saw these Rhys pieces for $100, I knew I wanted them. They looked pretty scratched up in the photos, but I planned to paint them anyway--so I decided to buy and refinish them.

First, I removed all of the hardware--the drawer pulls, hinges, and knobs--and I removed the glass from the two console doors. I knew I didn't want to put the glass back in because I don't like being able to see the disorganized mess inside (as you can see from this photo in the living room):

I had some small leftover pieces of 1/4" thick poplar plywood, and thankfully, I was able to cut them to fit the frames for the doors. I also knew I didn't want to put the little label holders back on the drawers (I just didn't like them). I didn't replace the drawer pulls (drawer pulls are expensive!) so I painted them with a matte black spray paint. I wasn't crazy about the pulls at first, but after painting them I really like them.

After removing the hardware, I started cleaning and sanding. I used TSP to clean the pieces well and remove the shine. Then I sanded with an electric palm sander (rather than doing it entirely by hand) hoping to keep my carpal tunnel syndrome from flaring up. The palm sanders still require a lot of work, so it wasn't exactly easy! It took me a long time to get the whole thing sanded. I had to remove quite a bit from the top layer of the coffee table:

After sanding, I wiped it down one more time and then applied a primer--I used Kilz for oil-based paints. It took SO LONG to prime everything (here is a post about some problems I ran into). Once everything was primed, I applied a layer of paint--Sherwin-Williams' oil-based paint in the color "Spare White" (which is the color we used on all of the trim in the house).

I let that dry for 24 hours before applying a second coat. I waited another day and then put a third coat on the top and front face of each piece, just to make sure it was coated well. By this time, my carpal tunnel had really flared up, so I let the paint cure for a few days (oil-based paint takes 3-7 days to cure) while I rested my hands.

I put the hardware back on and I finished up the doors (using wood instead of the glass).

Today, Jerry and Eli carried the console and coffee table into the house (they are very heavy!) while I directed pet traffic. (The pets were way too excited to see what the commotion was about and why we were bringing big fun wooden boxes hideouts into the house ;)

I was really unsure about whether the coffee table was going to look right in our living room--I thought it might be too big. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was the perfect size for the room and the couch. I LOVE IT. Here is the before and after:

I was absolutely thrilled with the TV console, too! It brightened up that wall so much and I think the look of it fits in much better with the home makeover I did a couple of years ago. Here are photos from before and after:

(Evidently, clearing the clutter from the floor helps, too! Haha.) Jerry still has to put his Xbox in the little space above the drawers, which will hide the cords. 

Jerry and I both love the new look, and the best part is that both pieces of furniture cost less than $160 (the purchase price plus the cost of paint). And DIY projects are so much more fun than just buying a new piece of furniture.

I love it so much that I wish I could "flip" more furniture pieces and maybe sell them. Right now, though, I have to rest my hands and talk to a new doctor about my carpal tunnel syndrome.


  1. It looks gorgeous Katie! Bravo, truly!

  2. Beautiful and really does brighten the space! I would buy some of your flips if we were closer.

  3. Great work. The difference is stunning.

  4. They both look beautiful! Great job!!

  5. Jamie ElizabethApril 03, 2021

    As someone who is currently searching for a new coffee table and tv console, and does not have the DIY skills that you do, I am so impressed and jealous! I can't believe how expensive stuff is. AND we can't find exactly what we're looking for, so going on weeks without a coffee table which is extremely annoying! I would GLADLY pay someone to "flip" something used.

  6. They really look great and fit right in!

  7. Is that a fireplace in the old console?

    1. Yes, but just a fake one. We moved it to the man cave in the garage ;)


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