July 27, 2022

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 61

I know I used this picture a couple of days ago, but I really do love that outfit and I figured there was no point in taking another picture today.

Another Wednesday, another weigh-in. It feels so redundant! Still, I have such a hard time letting go of streaks--and this one has been well over a year. Also, my daily posting has been going since January 1, 2020.

I have to admit that I really don't want to write today. Or at all lately. I've been feeling depressed and I just keep hoping it'll go away. I feel like I'm invisible in my own house sometimes and lately it's really been getting to me. I am sure that most moms go through a period of feeling invisible--where you give advice to your kids, they don't listen to it, then someone else gives the same advice and they're thrilled because their friend TikTok was so smart(!) to think of that.

Eli is a good example: Eli was going to the gym every single day for at least nine months to lift weights; he LOVED it. I took a personal training certification class (a very long time ago, but I remember everything very well!) and took several college classes that gave me all sorts of information about the human body and physiology. I told Eli all about how he needs rest days and how he needs to switch muscle groups so he allows each muscle group to rest. I said that if he goes every single day he'll burn out and not want to go anymore. (And don't even get me started on the nutrition part of strength training!)

Anyway, you can guess what happened... he got injured from working out without rest days and then he got burnt out from working out every single day. So he stopped going. But does he admit that mom was right? Of course not--I'm 40 years old, so what do I know about life and learning from the mistakes I made?

The example with Eli was just a small part of it; I feel like this a lot lately. I don't even know why I bother giving advice, because unless it comes from TikTok, it's wrong. *eye roll*

Okay, well, I didn't mean to get into that. I hate complaining about feeling sad or depressed when I know that I have a great life, family, kids, the whole works. Feeling unappreciated for everything that I do is just getting to me, and I'm probably writing this at a bad time today. (I spent SO MUCH TIME and effort working on things for Noah's birthday party today and he didn't thank me or even seem to notice. So I'm feeling very unappreciated right now!)

Alright, let's set all that negativity aside and get on with my Wednesday Weigh-In...

I was at 142.0 today, which is down a little from last week's 143.2. I don't really think the weight loss this week is from anything I did; I just didn't have much of an appetite because of the way I've been feeling. So, I'm happy with the loss, but I'm pretty sure it's not permanent. Hopefully I'll feel better this week and then I'll be back to eating like usual.

Lately, I've been spending as much time as possible cleaning and organizing things. I don't like the cleaning part, but I love organizing! I returned most of the plastic containers I'd bought at Hobby Lobby because the quality was terrible. I wish we had a Container Store around here! I went to one in New York once and it was one of the coolest stores I've ever been in. (Spoken as a total organizational nerd.) Also, I would probably need $20,000 worth of containers to organize my house and garage, hahaha. So, I've just been trying to get creative with what I already have.

Anyway, as far as my "diet" goals this week, I just want to get back to my usual eating routine. I feel a lot better when I eat regularly (and I'm sure my mood is better, too!)


  1. Yes I think all mum's get ignored at home too often. If your kids ever have kids if their own they would understand. I need to keep getting out of the house to feel normal. For me working in an office with other adults part time shows me I can contribute but even that's hard sometimes. I end up feeling lost at home with too much to do. I have to let my kids make their own mistakes but my kids are younger than yours. Jerry sounds good though as did your shopping trip.

  2. I'm not a mom yet (to humans anyways lol) but I think its something you realize as you age like dang, I really should have been more appreciative towards my parents when I was younger. I think it's just something that comes with time. I hope you start feeling better soon! And you need to feel your feelings, everybody deserves that!

  3. I hear you!!! As a mom of 2 grown up aged girls (22 and 19), I have stopped giving advice b/c the kick back I get is always a bit of a sting. I don't know so much anymore... And my therapist has told me to stay out of their lives, let them figure out their own problems and not worry so much b/c they are strong women.... I remind myself all the time...

  4. Older mom here - your kids are at great ages in some respects but tough ages in others! They are figuring it out and part of that is making their own mistakes! It's hard but they have to do it! Also - you look amazing! And please don't stop your Wednesday posts! They are so encouraging to me!

    Also - have you looked at some of the Home Edit organizing sets available at Walmart? Better quality than I expected and much more reasonably priced than their stuff at the Container Store!

  5. So funny to read. I give my husband this kind of advice about the gym all the time and nutritional advice sometimes too. I don’t preach just sort of slide it in. He doesn’t even listen and then someone at the gym will tell him the same thing and then it’s gospel!!

  6. check out the Home Edit line at Walmart! You can store pick up or get it shipped to you. It's the same as their line at Container Store but it's cheaper!

  7. I think that a lot of us are struggling right now, and even when you love your life and feel grateful for it, it's also valid to feel unappreciated and to wish things were different. I just happened to read a post similar to yours yesterday and it really resonated with me, so I thought I'd share it here in case it helps you too.


  8. It must be in the air, because I've been feeling this way recently too. Like I do everything and it goes under-appreciated and un-noticed.
    Do you have a Harbor Freight there? They are a great source for garage storage containers and I love their prices! They're like a discount hardware store. Some items their quality lacks, but if it's not an item you plan on using much, it'll get the job done at a fraction of the price. I'm obsessed with their paint brushes. I am constantly working on a painting project and a quality paint brush in a box store is $10, and theirs are less than $4!

  9. My son & I had a great relationship, but he hasn't spoken to me for 2.5 years. He was venting to me about having to send money to his Pilipino wife's family all the time. When I put in my 2 cents worth, he said I hurt his feelings. I warned him to get a prenup, but he wouldn't listen, so I lost my only son.


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