July 24, 2022

Deep Thoughts With Jerry

Let me start by saying that "Deep Thoughts" is not meant to be taken seriously--because this post is by Jerry! (Although I have to take credit for the brilliant photo I chose above.) I had a post all planned today; I went thrift shopping yesterday and I had a ton of luck finding things. I was going to do a post about what I bought, but I haven't had time to take the pictures. So I'm going to work on that and hopefully post it tomorrow.

So, lucky us, we get to read an interview with Jerry. These are just silly ice breaker questions that I got from this website. The video of his worst haircut is a must-watch!

Q. What “old person” things do you do?

Jerry: Geez! The older I get the more I realize there are a lot of things I do that seem old, especially when the kids point them out. Dad jokes--they're hilarious to me and I crack myself up. Everyone else, not so much. I find myself saying or doing things that my dad used to do when I was young. For example, 'Are you going to drive the fucking car or park it!' when someone is driving too slow. Or, 'When I don't need it I'm tripping over the thing!' whenever I'm looking for anything and I can't find it within one minute. LOL.

I also talk a lot about the weather. When I hear there's a storm possibly coming in I tell Katie right away and I walk outside to view the conditions for myself. 

Q. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Jerry: There are so many! I grew up a Looney Tunes kid. Screw the PC of it all, those were damn good cartoons and I still watch them from time to time to this day. From Wile E. Coyote and Foghorn Leghorn to Marvin the Martian and Bugs Bunny. I reference them all the time and they make up so many cool conversational drops. For example, when I get on a walkie talkie I can't help but say, 'Earth to Bugs Bunny. Come in Bugs Bunny.' 

Q. What is your guilty pleasure?

Jerry: I don't know if it's a guilty pleasure but I sooo love Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles. I can eat about a million and a half of those. 

Q. What are your favorite songs from your teenage years that you still rock out to when nobody else is listening?

Jerry: I'm a total 90's guy butI also enjoy a lot of the 80's... essentially I'm all over the place with my music loves. When the mood strikes I turn up some Hall and Oates 'Maneater', Spanau Ballet 'True', Reel Big Fish 'Beer', Counting Crows 'Mr. Jones', or Korn 'A.D.I.D.A.S.' just to name a few. 

Q. What did you get into the most trouble for with your parents as a kid?

Jerry: Katie and I came home early from my family reunion and we decided to paint my room at my parents house a "unique" pea-green color. We loved it so much we also decided to paint my parents living room the same color. Needless to say, they hated it. With a passion. 

Q. What dance move are you secretly awesome at?

Jerry: There is nothing better than seeing the surprise on people's faces when I bust out 'The Worm' at a wedding. I do it at all the weddings and it's a hit. 

Q. What commercial jingle gets stuck in your head all the time?

Jerry: Again, so many of these, too! I get the 'Limu Emu...and Doug' from the Liberty Mutual commercials. Or the 'We are Farmers, bum ba dum bum bum bum bum.' from Farmers Insurance. And 'Nationwide is on your side.' from Nationwide Insurance. Now that I think of it... all the insurance jingles get stuck in my head! 

Q. What’s the worst haircut you ever had?

Jerry: This is easy... it's the two times I failed miserably at cutting my own hair. I used a #8 on the clippers and went all over my head. After I put everything away, I noticed I had some strays so I busted out the clippers again and cut the strays out... and completely forgot the blade guard until after I swiped a spot on my head.

Q. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?

Jerry: Jerrick Damon. I've had the name picked out since I was a teen, and completely randomly, Katie and I went to the courthouse to legally change it. It was $500, though, so that was a no-go. I had created a wrestler on a video game and gave him the name Jerrick Damon. All my friends started referring to me as Jerrick Damon and they still do to this day. They even held signs up at our wedding referencing JD.

Q. If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep?

Jerry: I would have to keep my MLB app and my Facebook app of course. It would be It would be a hard choice for the third. But I will have to say it's my Accuweather.

Q. What two things do you consider yourself to be very good at?

Jerry: I'm very good with movie trivia... I used to play 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' at work all the time with co-workers and I nailed it almost every time. I even won tickets for a show from a radio station when I played it with them and stumped them. I even remember the name I gave them--Richard Belzer. 

I also consider myself very good at talking to new people. I never really thought about it before but I see new employees at work all the time and I can ease the awkwardness in the room with a simple wise crack or joke. 

Q. What is something you hate doing? Why?

Jerry: One word--DietBet.

Q. What is something you love doing? Why?

Jerry: I love playing disc golf because it gets me outside and I can have low-key conversations with people. It's stress-free and a million times cheaper than regular golf.

I can clear the water hole now; this was in 2009

I've recently started teaching Noah how to play; Eli's not really interested in it

Katie here. Hopefully you enjoyed Jerry's "deep thoughts" ;) He loves getting to take over the blog once in a while!


  1. I had to watch the "How did it happen again" video and it was so much fun to hear Jerry's voice and see his expressions in action.

  2. Really enjoy reading Jerry's "Deep Thoughts" and the pic you chose to open with is perfect!

  3. Hilarious! This was great fun to read.


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