July 07, 2022

Reader Tips: Cleaning and Organizing!

The powder mess in the photo above is what can happen when you have two toddlers and you decide you can leave them alone for five minutes so you can take a shower. Hahaha! They emptied an entire bottle of baby powder in the living room. I asked them what I should do about the mess and they told me, "Clean it up!" (Then Noah ran and got some cloths to "clean it up" with. I don't even know if there is a hack for cleaning that much powder!)

I wrote a fairly recently about wanting to put together a whole post of cleaning and/or organizing tips from readers/followers. I've been in a cleaning and organizing mood lately, but there are some things that I despise cleaning because there is no simple way to do them!

So I reached out on Facebook as well (it's easier to comment there than it is here) and got a ton of useful tips. I'll share those here and hopefully you'll get as much out of them as I did--some are so smart that I wish I'd heard them ages ago.

I'm going to try to do the "Reader Tips" regularly--I'll just ask a question and you can comment or email me tips/suggestions/pictures/products that you would be willing to share. Then I'll compile them into a post like this. I'll leave my next question at the bottom of this post (as well as post it to Facebook--you can find my Facebook page here). 

Just let me know if you want to remain anonymous; for the Facebook tips, I'm including names only because the Facebook comments are public anyway. Please don't feel too shy to share something! An idea that is obvious to you may be totally new to someone else (as I learned from putting this post together--there were so many simple tricks I'd never thought of).

If there are photos to go with each tip, I posted those below the tip itself. Also, I will include links to any products mentioned (in full disclosure, these will be Amazon affiliate links, which just means if you buy through that link, I might get a small commission). 

Okay, here goes...

What are some of your best cleaning or organizing tips/hacks/products that you find helpful?

Link to book: How to Keep House While Drowning

Link to @gocleanco on Instagram

Amazon link to leggings organizer

Amazon link to Rain X

Link to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on Amazon

Link to shoe organizer on Amazon

Here is a link to Vildea mop and O-Cedar mop on Amazon

Link to stackable wine rack on Amazon

Amazon links to: standing corner pot rack

And there you have it! I hope that you find a few tips that help as you clean or organize. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who took a moment to share. I hope I didn't mess up names and tips--this was kind of a tough post to put together, so if you notice an error like that, just let me know and I'll fix it ASAP.

For the next 'Reader Tips' post:

What is your best money-saving tip?

I'm excited to see the answers for this one! You can head over to Facebook and comment there or you can email your tip to me at: katie (at) runsforcookies (dot) com.


  1. I like the pot & lid idea.

  2. I forgot to ask just how did you clean up the baby powder mess?

  3. One additional tip - you don't have to buy the pricey Mr. Clean sponges, you can buy the same thing but without the brand. Search Amazon for melamine sponges. Super cheap and exactly the same thing!


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